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26 February - 1 April 1972

Average Viewing Figure: 8.2M


The Doctor discovers that numerous shipwrecks are the work of the Sea Devils who plan to reclaim the Earth for themselves. Meanwhile The Master has been imprisoned, but just why is he interested in the shipwreck


Jon Pertwee (The Doctor), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Roger Delgado (The Master), Edwin Richfield (Captain Hart)

Clive Morton (Trenchard), Donald Sumpster (Commander Ridgeway), David Griffin (Lt Commander Mitchell)

Royston Tickner (Robbins), Neil Seiler (Radio Operator), Declan Mulholland (Clark), Hugh Futcher (Hickman)

Colin Bell (CPO Summers), Christopher Wray (Ldg Seaman Lovell), Brian Vaughan (Lt Commander Watts), Rex Rowland (A/B Girton)

Martin Boddey (Walker), Norman Atkyns (Rear Admiral), John Caesar (CPO Myers), June Murphy (3rd Officer Jane Blythe)

Alec Wallis (Ldg Telegraphist Bowman), Eric Mason (CPO Smedley), Brian Justice (Castle Guard Wilson)

Stanley McGeagh (Castle Guard Drew), Terry Walsh (Castle Guard Barclay), Pat Gorman (Sea Devil)

Peter Forbes-Robertson (Chief Sea Devil)

Uncredited Cast

Stuart Fell, Mike Stephens, Marc Boyle, Mike Horsborough, Peter Brace, Stewart Barry, Bob Blaine, Les Clarke, Philip Weston

Jim Dowdall, Brian Gilmar (Castle Guards), Michael Briant (Voice of DJ), Jim Dowdall (Naval Rating), Roy Pearce, Ron Tingley

Dennis Plenty, Nick Llewellyn (Submarine Ratings), Mike Stevens, Brian Nolan, Steve Ismay, Geoff Witherick, Frank Seaton (Sea Devils)

Roy Peace, Ron Tingley, Dennis Plenty, Nick Llewellyn, Philip Weston, Jim Dowdall, Brian Gilmar (Naval Base Sailors)  

Terry Walsh, Stuart Fell, Mike Stephens, Mike Horsborough, Marc Boyle, Peter Brace, Alan Chuntz, Billy Horrigan

Jack Cooper (Stunt Sea Devils), Terry Walsh, Stuart Fell, Mike Stephens, Marc Boyle, Mike Horsborough, Peter Brace

Derek Ware, Alan Chuntz, Billy Horrigan (Stunt Sailors), Terry Walsh (Stunt Double for Doctor Who), Stuart Fell (Stunt Double for Jo Grant)

Mike Stevens (Stunt Driver), Derek Ware, Terry Walsh (Stunt Double for The Master)


Malcolm Hulke (Writer), The BBC wish to acknowledge the help given to them by the Royal Navy in the making of this programme

Ron Grainer (Title Music), Malcolm Clarke (Incidental Music), Brian Hodgson (Special Sounds), Peter Sargent (Film Cameraman)

Martyn Day (FIlm Editor), Peter Day (Visual Effects), HAVOC (Action), Maggie Fletcher (Costumes), Sylvia James (Make-Up)

Mike Jefferies (Studio Lighting), Tony Millier, Colin Dixon (Sound), Terrance Dicks (Script Editor), Tony Snoaden (Designer)

Barry Letts (Producer), Michael Briant (Director)

Uncredited Crew

Len Hutton (Visual Effects Assistant), Jennie Betts (Location Bookings Assistant), Gordon Phillipson, Barry Bonner (Grams Operators)

PW Walsh (Film Operation Assistant), Alec Christison (Film Sound Assistant), John Jefford (Film Camera Assistant)

Joe Bates, John Watson (Props), Joanne Burn (Make-Up Assistant), Peter Valentine (Technical Manager)

John Collins, Tony Thorpe (Film Unit Electricians), Ian Punter, Roger Twyman (Film Camera Assistants)

Grace Dawson, Jack Roe, Barry Simmons (Costume Assistants), Sarah Newman (Production Secretary), Tony Cox (Floor Assistant)

John Gorman (Vision Mixer), Pauline Silcock (Producer's Secretary), Bill Paget (Grips), Douglas Needham (Armourer)


Filming Locations

  • Fraser Gunnery Range, Portsmouth, Hants

  • HMS Reclaim, Portsmouth, Hants

  • Red Cliff, Isle of Wright

  • Whitecliff Bay, Isle of Wright

  • Bembridge Sailing Club, Bembridge, Isle of Wright

  • Bembridge Harbour, Bembridge, Isle of Wright

  • Priory Bay, Seaview, Isle of Wright

  • Norris Castle, East Cowes, Isle of Wright

  • Television Centre: Studio 8


  • Trenchard [killed by a Sea Devil]

  • Radio Operator [killed by a Sea Devil]

  • Hickman [killed by a Sea Devil]

  • Castle Guard Wilson [killed by a Sea Devil]

  • Castle Guard Drew [killed by a Sea Devil]

  • Castle Guard Barclay [killed by a Sea Devil]

  • Chief Sea Devil [killed when the Sea Devil base is destroyed]

  • Sea Devils [killed when the Sea Devil base is destroyed]

  • Sea Devils [two are killed by Trenchard]

  • Castle Guards [killed by Sea Devils]

  • Sailors ​[killed when various ships are destroyed]

Production Days

  • 13 Days between Thursday 21 October - Tuesday 14 December 1971

Production Errors

  1. The clock in The Master's cell for some reason runs backwards

  2. When The Master knocks out a Prison Guard in episode two, the Guard in question disappears

  3. The helicopter which is sent to rescue The Doctor and Jo from the sea fort changes its appearance between shots; it begins as Sea King with the letter SO on it, and then it has a orange nose and tail stripe with the number 56

  4. A microphone can be seen to the left of the shot when The Doctor takes out his sonic screwdriver in the minefield

  5. A couple of swords are just so conveniently left outside The Master cell. 

  6. When rescuing The Doctor from the prison, Jo leaves her handbag, but later regains it

Working Titles

  • The Sea Silurians


The Sea Devils is an-all out sequel to Doctor Who and the Silurians substituting cave-dwelling monsters for aquatic deep-sea creatures, but lacks tension overall, and as a result is a weaker counterpart in comparison. Overall it’s basically the same story again, with the same basic outcomes, but the threat of world domination is very much restrained, but somehow it is more brutal. The Sea Devils themselves are disposed of in inhumane ways which can make for some distressing and downright diabolical imagery, we actually see Sea Devils succumbing to their fates compared to the off-screen fatalities of the Silurians.
The Doctor himself is more ruthless, he continually puts the Sea Devils in harm’s way and abandons any chance of peaceful cooperation, and blows the Sea Devils up in the closing moments, undermining his moral standpoints from before. The resolution is less striking as a result, the editing fails to capture suspense, resulting in a stilted escape after 2½ hours of viewing. The story perhaps has more to say; there are various moments when other secondary characters consider co-operating with the Sea Devils, and nobody takes overall pride in vanquishing the Sea Devils, The Doctor seems saddened that the ordeal had to end with violence. We’ll never see the Third Doctor overtly use excessive violence to annihilate an enemy again. 
Generally the execution is sound, there are effective action sequences which fully utilise the extensive help the production team got from the Navy, but at times it lacks overall excitement. The extent of the situation is aided by excellent stock footage which  gives the narrative a grander aesthetic feel, but (again) the same shots are continually recycled which makes the final product look rather lazy (when it isn’t). The storyline is generally solid, but padding issues, an inconsistent structure; but well-written dialogue gives out mixed signals. A good idea, but the finished product is far from polished, and can make for some difficult viewing.***

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