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29 January - 19 February 1972

Average Viewing Figure: 9.4M


On the medieval planet of Peladon someone is working in the shadows to prevent Peladon joining the Galactic Federation 


Jon Pertwee (The Doctor), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), David Troughton (Peladon), Geoffrey Toone (Hepesh), Henry Gilbert (Torbis)

Alan Bennion (Izlyr), Sonny Caldinez (Ssorg), Stuart Fell (Alpha Centauri), Ysanne Churchman (Voice of Alpha Centauri)

Murphy Grumbar (Arcturus), Terry Bale (Voice of Arcturus), George Giles (Guard Captain), Wendy Danvers (Amazonia)

Gordon St Clair (Grun), Nick Hobbs (Aggedor)

Uncredited Cast

Chris Webb, Royston Farrell, Billy Dean, Derek Chafer, Mike Stevens, Stewart Barry (Guards)


Brian Hyles (Writer), Ron Grainer (Title Music), Dudley Simpson (Incidental Music), Brian Hodgson (Special Sounds)

Terry Walsh (Fight Arranger), Profile (Fight Arranger), Fred Hamilton, Peter Sargent (Film Cameramen), Michael Sha-Dyan (Film Editor)

Ian Scoones, Bernard Willkie (Visual Effects Designer), Barbara Lane (Costumes), Sylvia James (Make-Up), Howard King (Lighting)

Tony Millier (Sound), Terrance Dicks (Script Editor), Gloria Clayton (Designer), Barry Letts (Producer), Lennie Mayne (Director)

Uncredited Crew

Bob Rymer, Martyn Day (Film Editors), Bill Chesneau (Film Sound Recordist), Fred Wright (Technical Manager)

Mat Irvine (Visual Effects Assistant), Eddie Dougall (Film Sound Assistant), John Beck, Ricky Gauld (Film Camera Assistants), Rob Prosser (Grips)

Jack Broughton (Props Buyer), Sarah Newman (Production Secretary), Sue Stapely (Director's Assistant), Gerry Borrows (Grams Operator)

Mike Wilson (Effects Cameraman), Michael Thorne (Floor Assistant), Ken Starkey (Design Assistant), Ron Peverall (Camera Supervisor)

Michael Turner (Vision Mixer) 


Filming Locations

  • Television Centre: Puppet Theatre

  • Television Centre: Studio 3

  • Television Centre: Studio 4


  • Hepesh [killed after battling with Aggedor]

  • Torbis [killed by Aggedor]

  • Arcturus [killed when Ssorg blasts him with his weapon]

Production Days

  • 7 Days between Wednesday 15 December 1971 - Tuesday 1 February 1972

Production Errors

  1. After being attacked and murdered by Aggedor, Hepesh is still breathing when Grun finds his corpse

  2. The Doctor is his by the secret passage way door during episode one

  3. During the model shot when the Tardis falls down the mountain ledge, there is no signs of The Doctor or Jo

  4. Sonny Caldinez's hair can be seen sticking out from his Ssorg helmet

  5. Alpha Centauri is a hexapod, so how can he move around?​​

Working Titles

  • The Curse

  • Curse of the Peladons


A first-class murder-mystery and claustrophobic tale with gorgeous sets, brilliant direction and camerawork, fantastic use of minimal sets, and a memorable cast of alien monsters. The writing is overall well-polished incorporating classic murder-mystery troupes and clichés to create an atmosphere of subterfuge, intrigue, and sabotage; even though the identity of the criminal is pretty obvious; there is also some subtle humour. There are also underlying racism overtones, it’s a little coincidental that all of the alien delegates are primarily green, and all happen to be male. The Doctor is also rash to accuse the Ice Warriors of being saboteurs, highlighting that, although he’s a good man he’s a flawed protagonist, who makes mistakes at the best of times. He’s quick to change his prejudicial views, and we as viewers, can forgive him. There is also a little chauvinism, and an overlying expectation that the Earth Delegate will be a ‘he’. The Doctor fills in that role with little or no questions asked. The closing moments surpass that comment, and provide a female character to fill in the role. Take away The Doctor and Jo from everything, and the audience would still need convincing that Amazonia is INDEED the Earth delegate.

Director Lennie Mayne provides his best efforts for the show using a variety of unusual shots, and keeps certain important moments in the background whilst viewers watch from afar. He was widely known for commanding his projects right throughout production, and he doesn’t accept anything less than perfection from everyone. The leading stars Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning are superb; their best outing as Doctor/Companion, and the guest stars are all top-notch. 
However King Peladon is an unconvincing Monarch (although David Troughton is fine) and the shipping between Peladon and Josephine of Tardis don’t deserve any quarter; thankfully Brian Hayles keeps everything focused on the mystery side of the plot. Fast-paced, beautifully executed with some effective scary moments, show that The Curse of Peladon could have sparked a renaissance of its own, that even squeaky-voiced Alpha Centauri couldn’t possibly ruin.*****

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