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22 May - 19 June 1971

Average Viewing Figure: 8.3M


In Devils End, The Masters plans to awaken the Daemon Azal hoping to possess his psionic powers to rule the Earth


Jon Pertwee (The Doctor), Damaris Hayman (Miss Hawthorne), Eric Hillyard (Dr Reeves), David Simeon (Alastair Fergus), James Snell (Harry)

Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Richard Franklin (Captain Yates), Robin Wentworth (Professor Horner), John Levene (Sergeant Benton)

Rollo Gamble (Winstanley), Don McKillop (Bert the Landlord), Jon Croft (Tom Girton), Christopher Wray (PC Groom), John Joyce (Garvin)

Roger Delgado (The Master), Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart), Gerald Taylor (Baker's Man), Stanley Mason (Bok)

Alec Linstead (Sgt Osgood), John Owens (Thorpe), Stephen Thorne (Azal), Matthew Corbett (Jones)

Uncredited Cast

John Holmes (Jim, Man with Dog), Sonnie Willis, Roy Oliver, Bruce Humble, Simon Malloy (TV Crew)

Robin Squire (TV Cameraman), Patrick Milner (UNIT Corporal), Mike Smith (Helicopter Pilot), Gladys Bacon, Renne Roberts

Mo Race, Michael Moore, Bill Burridge, Ronald Mayer, Ernest Blyth, Keith Ashley, Bill Lodge, Lawrence Archer, Rex Rashley

Michael Earl, Charles Shaw Hesketh, Bill Gosling, Geoff Witherick, Walter Goodman, Charles Finch, Ian Elliott (Villagers)

John Scott Martin (Charlie), Jim Davidson, Paul Stone, George Mackie, Andrew Butcher, Ron Taylor, Terry Denton (UNIT Soldiers)

Pat Gorman, John Tatham, Charles Shaw Hesketh, Vic Taylor, Geoff Witherick, David J Grahame, Rex Rashley, Michael Moore

Bill Burridge, Lawrence Archer, Ernest Blythe (Coven Members) 

with The Headington Quarry Men (Morris Dancer)


Guy Leopold (Writer), Peter Diamond (Fight Arranger), Ron Grainer (Title Music), Dudley Simpson (Incidental Music)

Brian Hodgson (Special Sound), Fred Hamilton (Film Cameraman), Dick Manton (Film Sound), Chris Wimble (Film Editor)

Peter Day (Visual Effects), Barbara Lane (Costumes), Jan Harrison (Make-Up), Ralph Walton (Studio Lighting)

Tony Millier (Studio Sound), Terrance Dicks (Script Editor), Roger Ford (Designer), Barry Letts (Producer), Christopher Barry (Director)

Uncredited Cast

Frank Brown, Dick Boulter, Graham Morris (Film Sound Assistants), Jim Black, Tony Bragg, Ian Dabbs, David South

Pat Turley, Paul Wheeler (Film Camera Assistants), Mel Freedman, Doris Stretch (Costume Assistants), Stan Swetman (Grips)

Joe Bates (Location Scene Chargehand), Peter Grimwade (Production Assistant), John Norton, Alex Young (Floor Assistants)

Alf Trustram (Armourer), Ricky Grosser, Tony Harding, Len Hutton (Effects Assistants), Chrissie Lightfoot (Design Assistant)

Sarah Newman (Production Secretary), Sue Upton (Director's Assistant), Cheryl Thornton, Irena Walls (Make-Up Assisttants)

Gordon Phillipson (Grams), John Gorman (Vision Mixer), Geoff Burford (Props Buyer)


Filming Locations

  • Campbell Aircraft Company, Membury, Wilts

  • Crossroads, Membury, Wilts

  • Oaken Coppice, Knighton, Wilts

  • Church of St Michael, Aldbourne, Wilts

  • Aldbourne, Wilts

  • For Barrows, Aldbourne, Wilts

  • Crooked Corner, Aldbourne, Wilts

  • Darrell's Farm, Ramsbury, Wilts

  • BBC Television Centre: Studio 4


  • Professor Horner [freezes to death]

  • Winstanley [killed by Bok]

  • Bert the Landlord [killed by Bok]

  • Tom Girton [crashes into a heat barrier]

  • PC Groom [crushed to death]

  • Garvin [vaporised by Azal]

  • Azal [destroyed when his powers bounce back onto him]

  • Jim [dies of fright]​

  • UNIT Soldier [vaporised by Bok]

    • Jim's Dog [unknown]​

Production Days

  • 14 Days between Monday 19 April - Wednesday 26 May 1971

Production Errors

  1. Who or what kills Jim at the beginning of episode one? Azal hasn't been summoned by The Master and Bok is still a stone Gargoyle in the church carven

  2. During the struggle between Sergeant Benton and Garvin, the shotgun which Garvin holds breaks in two, causing John Joyce (Garvin) to hold the gun together for the duration of the scene 

  3. When the Baker's van is destroyed by the heat barrier, a road sign indicates the village is only one mile away, how is the Baker only one mile away? The Brigadier clearly states later on that the heat barrier has a diameter of ten miles centred on the village church, and the village certianly doesn't stretch 9 miles in diameter.

  4. The hoofmarks that Sergeant Benton and Captain Yates notice from their UNIT Helicopter becomes much, much smaller when they land on the ground 

  5. When The Doctor runs into the church before his meeting with Azal, Jon Pertwee shuts the door with such force that he causes the set walls to shake 

Working Titles

  • The Demons


The Dæmons marks a unique creative shift within the confines of science-fiction storytelling, and mixes together black magic (albeit explained scientifically), and gothic overtones, to create over two hours of compelling, vigorous drama. Whilst it  would be too much to say that The Dæmons is controversial; it certainly pushes the boundaries for what is acceptable for family entertainment; it does know its limits, and respects those boundaries, keeping everything from getting out of control.
An intelligent script with many great ideas (the secret satanic cult, a stone gargoyle prowling the area, the isolated village, and not the base under siege, a race of aliens who are amoral and not downright ‘evil’), provide plenty material to keep everything together; even though it takes a while for things to get into second gear. The Master is given his best outing here, posing as a satanic minister, which gives him an uneasy edge; but does he really have the power to convince an entire village to do his bidding? His repetitious hijinks are as predictable as they can get, and the decision to finally have him arrested at the end was a smart move by the production team.
   The writing and in-jokes provide some macabre moments. It’s a little odd that The Doctor’s ‘corpse’ lies on a table, whilst people watch on enjoying their nightcaps, the place names on the signpost are as unreal as you can get, and the village folk seem uncomfortably eager to burn The Doctor as a witch; what’s not to like about these surreal moments? The scripts do however, have some questionable moments: Jo goes from bedbound to heroine in a matter of seconds, and the explosion of the church doesn’t seem to bother anyone in particular; perhaps a metaphor for the change of attitudes in terms of observation of faith. The rest of the scripts are generally strong, creating atmospheres of unrest and horror (another precursor for the renaissance era) before the general feel of the story is revealed later on. The opening minute is superb, possibly the best introduction ever. The practical and special effects are top-notch and credit must also go to the extensive location shoot, and the use of minimal studio-bound scenes.
   If The Dæmons falls short then it’s with the character of. Bok (who isn’t a Daemon) but just an effective little menace, who provides a distinctive take on the stone gargoyle monster of gothic literature, but people don’t care about him, Azal is all that counts. Yeah, he’s there, tucked away off-screen (mostly), and only really appears in the final episode (minus his other brief appearance). He’s an effective demon but ultimately flawed. He’s defeated by a simple act of illogicality, blows a fuse, and explodes. It’s a stupid resolution, and undermines the power of his race that’s firmly established in the first 4 episodes. Umm…
   The Dæmons is a great piece of television, with television movie qualities (a special omnibus 90-minute cut was released on the Season 8 Blu Ray boxset), and remains a firm favourite for Doctor Who fans; and as for Miss Hawthorne…….****

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