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14 September - 12 October 1968

Average Viewing Figure: 6.9M


Whilst escaping the planet Dulkis, The Tardis is thrown into the Land of Fiction controlled by the mysterious Master


Patrick Troughton (The Doctor), Emrys Jones (The Master), Bernard Horsfall (Stranger/Gulliver), Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon)

Wendy Padbury (Zoe Heriot), John Atterbury, Ralph Carrigan, Bill Wiesener, Terry Wright (Robots)

Hamish Wilson (Jamie McCrimmon), Philip Ryan (Redcoat), Barbara Loft, Sylvestra La Touzel, Timothy Horton, Christopher Reynalds

David Reynalds, Martin Langley (Children), Paul Alexander, Ian Hines, Richard Ireson (Soldiers), Christine Pirie (Princess Rapunzel)

Sue Pulford (The Medusa), Christopher Robbie (Karkus), David Cannon (Cyrano), John Greenwood (D'Artagnan/Sir Lancelot)

Gerry Wain (Blackbear)

Uncredited Cast

Richard Ireson (Minotaur)


Peter Ling (Writer), BH Barry, John Greenwood (Fight Arrangers), Ron Grainer (Title Music), Brian Hodgson (Special Sound)

Jack Kine, Bernard Wilkie (Visual Effects Designers), Martin Baugh (Costumes), Howard T King (Make-Up), John Holmes (Sound)

Jimmy Court (Film Cameraman), Martyn Day (Film Editor), Derrick Sherwin (Script Editor), Evan Hercules (Designer)

Peter Bryant (Designer), David Maloney (Director)

Uncredited Crew

Geoff Walmsley (Vision Mixer), Crew 5, Crew 6 (Camera Crews), Edwina Verner (Assistant Floor Manager), Gavin Birkett (Floor Assistant)

Joan Rosaire (Horse Trainer), Pat Heigham (Grams Operator), Fred Wright (Technical Manager) 


Filming Locations

  • Harrison Rocks, Groombridge, E Sussex

  • Kenley Aerodrome, Kenley, Surrey

  • Television Centre: Puppet Theatre

  • Ealing Film Studios: Stage 2

  • Television Centre: Studio 3

  • Lime Grove: Studio D


  • [death fails to follow The Doctor this time]

Production Days

  • 11 Days between Sunday 9 June - Friday 18 July 1968

Production Errors

  1. Whilst Jamie is looking at what he believes it a Scottish Highland landscapes, a seam becomes visible revealing the fact that the landscape is actually multiple paintings stuck together

  2. When the Tardis breaks up, Zoe, clinging to the console,  is lying on her right during the model shots. She is seen laying on her left during close-ups. The model shots also make Zoe's arms appear long and bandy

  3. Whilst Zoe fights Karkus, Christopher Robbie mistimes a stunt. This makes it clear that Zoe is not flipping Karkus over her shoulder

Working Titles

  • Episode 1: Manpower

  • Episode 2-5: The Fact of Fiction


An extremely enjoyable fantasy science-fiction story utilising fictional characters many younger viewers recognise and adore. David Ling’s first and only script for the show is like a little treasure trove filled with wonderful treats and trinkets just waiting to be discovered. From start to finish the story is very enjoyable and fun and played more like a fantasy adventure rather than aliens or monsters wanting to take over the Earth. The plot is not at all serious which helps to form a more laid-back narrative compared to a few proceeding serials. There is a likeable strangeness to the serial and is probably one of the more creative serials the show will see for a quite some time. A real joy from beginning to end. ****​

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