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11 November - 16 December 1967

Average Viewing Figure: 7.3M


During an Ice Age an Ice Warrior is revived and plans to use a glacier to destroy the Earth  


Patrick Troughton (The Doctor), Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon), Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield), Bernard Bresslaw (Varga)

Peter Sallis (Penley), Peter Barkworth  (Clent), George Waring (Arden), Wendy Gifford (Miss Garrett), Angus Lennie (Storr)

Malcolm Taylor (Walters), Roger Jones (Zondal), Sonny Caldinez (Turoc), Tony Harwood (Rintan), Michael Attwell (Isbur)

Roy Skelton (Computer Voice)

Uncredited Cast

Ann Jarvis, Kathy Fitzgibbon, Monique Briant (Operators in Control Room), Donald Sinclair, James Holbrook, Gary Dean (Technicians)


Brian Hyles (Writer), Ron Grainer (Title Music), Dudley Simpson (Incidental Music), Bryan Hodgson (Special Sound Effects)

Peter Bryant (Story Editor), Martin Baugh (Costumes), Sylvia James (Make-Up), Bryan Forgham (Sound), Sam Neeter (Lighting)

Brian Langley (Film Cameraman), Malcolm Lockey (Film Editor), Bernard Wilkie, Ron Oates (Visual Effects)

Jeremy Davies (Designer), Innes Lloyd (Producer), Derek Martinus (Director)

Uncredited Crew

Peter Pegrum (Effects Contractor), Ann Rayment, Heather Shaw (Make-Up Assistants), Roy Bailey (Film Camera Assistant)

George Cassedy (Film Sound Recordist), Ken Hains (Film Sound Assistant), Peter Logan (Effects Assistant)

Sheenagh Tuckwell (Director's Assistant), Crew 17 (Camera Crew)


Filming Locations

  • Ealing Film Studios: Stage 3

  • Lime Grove: Studio D


  • Arden [killed by an Ice Warrior]

  • Walters [killed by an Ice Warrior]

  • Davis [killed in an avalanche]

  • Storr [shot and killed by Varga and Zondal]

  • Varga [killed when the Ice Warrior's spacecraft explodes]

  • Zondal [killed when the Ice Warrior's spacecraft explodes]

  • Turoc [killed in an avalanche]

  • Rintan [killed when the Ice Warrior's spacecraft explodes]

  • Isbur [killed when the Ice Warrior's spacecraft explodes]

Production Days

  • 12 Days between Monday 25 September - Saturday 25 November 1967

Production Errors

  1. The reflection of a crew member can be seen in Varga's eyes during a scene in episode five

  2. The engine room door of the Ice Warrior's ship fails to shut properly after The Doctor and Varga leave the room. However, in later scenes, the door is fully closed 

  3. The Tardis materialises on its side at the start of episode one, but the ship is upright at the end of episode six

  4. ​Varga's head design changes dramatically after he wakes up​

Working Titles

  • [no known working titles] 


There seems to be an evident obviousness to the story where every serial just does not quite work as a six-parter and The Ice Warriors is no exception. Nothing really happens and the alien menaces do not do that much apart from stroll around with great difficultly – something many Doctor Who monsters suffer from – who come up with a last-minute plan to claim the Earth for themselves. The plot just doesn’t arrive, and Patrick Troughton is given very little to do which is a shame because he was a diverse actor  at the time. Hayles misses the mark writing a good Doctor Who story which is a shame because he was such a top writer throughout his life. The story is very back and forth, repetitious and draining. There is a hilarious moment where Victoria seems to sing as she cries out for help – perhaps Deborah Watling was getting tired of screaming all the time. Who can blame her anyone would become tired of the same troupes week in and week out. There is evidently a lot of money spent on this one but for such an ambitious story you would expect so much more. The acting is not some of the best and nobody sounds that interested and the whole thing is a let-down. The Outer Limits did a similar story where a creature found buried in the Earth is brought to a base for study and research and worked so much better despite the funny, looking, laugh-out-loud monster that was used. This one is a definite skip where anything good quickly melts away into a horrible mess of the floor. **​

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