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17 December 1966 - 7 January 1967

Average Viewing Figure: 7.1M


The Doctor and his companions arrive in the Scottish highlands in 1746 where The Doctor and Ben are sold as slaves


Patrick Troughton (The Doctor), Anneke Wills (Polly), Michael Craze (Ben), David Garth (Solicitor Grey), Hannah Gordon (Kirsty)

William Dysart (Alexander), Donald Bisset (The Laird), Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon), Michael Elwyn (Lt Algernon ffinch)

Peter Welch (Sergeant), Sydney Arnold (Perkins), Tom Bowman (Sentry), Dallas Cavell (Trask), Barbara Bruce (Mollie)

Andrew Downie (Willie Mackay), Peter Diamond (Sailor), Guy Middleton (Colonel Attwood)

Uncredited Cast

Peter Diamond, John Doye, Leslie Bates, Vic Taylor, Jim Delaney, Derek Calder, Gordon Lang, Keith Goodman, David Waterman

Dennis Stanley, Donald Sinclair, James Holbrook, Peter Roy, Mike Britton, Dennis Plenty, John Knott, Barry Du Pre, Patrick Gorman

Walter Henry, Alan Troy, Derek Martin, Emmett Hennessey (English Soldiers), Jimmy Mahon, Leon Maybank, Michael Mulcaster

Bob Wilyman, Barry Ashton, Anthony Case, Ernest Jennings (Highlanders in Jail) 


Elwyn Jones and Gerry Davis (Writers), Ron Grainer (Title Music), Peter Diamond (Fight Arranger), Gerry Davis (Story Editor)

Sandra Reid (Costumes), Gillian James (Make-Up), George Summers (Lighting), Larry Goodson (Sound), Geoffrey Kirkland (Designer)

Innes Lloyd (Producer), Hugh David (Director)


Filming Locations

  • Ealing Film  Studios: Stage 3

  • Frensham Ponds, Frensham, Surrey

  • Riverside Studio 1


  • Alexander McLaren [shot and killed by Redcoats]

Production Days

  • 18 days between Friday 11 November - Saturday 24 December 1966

Production Errors

  1. During episode two, Polly reads Ffinch's name as Algernon Thomas Alfred Ffinch, however in episode three, Polly taunts him as 'Alfred Algernon Thomas'

Working Titles

  • Culloden


Cannot give a review due to the story being missing from the BBC Archives

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