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5 November - 10 December 1966

Average Viewing Figure: 7.8M


Arriving on the planet Vulcan the newly regenerated, Doctor and his companions discover the Daleks are apparently friendly


Patrick Troughton (The Doctor), Anneke Wills (Polly), Michael Craze (Ben), Bernard Archard (Bragen), Robert James (Lesterson)

Martin King (The Examiner), Nicholas Hawtrey (Quinn), Pamela Ann Davy (Janley), Peter Bathurst (Hensell), Edward Kelsey (Resno)

Richard Kane (Valmar), Steven Scott (Kebble), Peter Forbes-Robertson, Robert Russell, Robert Luckham (Guards), Gerald Taylor

Kevin Manser, Robert Jewell, John Scott Martin (Daleks), Peter Hawkins (Dalek Voices)

Uncredited Cast

Nicholas Evans, Alan Whibley (Daleks)


David Whitaker (Writer), Ron Grainer (Title Music), Tristram Cary (Incidental Music), Gerry Davis (Story Editor)

Peter Sargent (Film Cameraman), Jim Latham (Film Editor), Sandra Reid (Costumes), Gillian James (Make-Up), Graham Southcott (Lighting)

Buster Cole (Sound), Derek Dodd (Designer), Daleks Created by Terry Nation, Innes Lloyd (Producer), Christopher Barry (Director)


Filming Locations

  • Ealing Film Studio: Stage 2

  • Riverside Studio 1


  • Bragen [shot and killed by Valmar]

  • Lesterson [killed during the story's events]

  • The Examiner [shot and killed by Bragen]

  • Janley [exterminated by a Dalek]

  • Hensell [exterminated by a Dalek]

  • Resno [exterminated by a Dalek]

  • Kebble [exterminated by a Dalek]

  • Daleks [destroyed in many ways]

    • others Colonists and Rebels killed also

Production Days

  • 9 days between Monday 26 September - Saturday 26 November 1966

Production Errors

  1. The Doctor's first regeneration marks the first time where his clothes as well. The Second Doctor is wearing different shoes from the ones that The First Doctor wore before regenerating 

  2. One Dalek collides with a camera at one point

  3. During episode four, Lesterton watches as a Dalek open a door by operating a door switch. However, its plunger arm clearly misses the door switch

  4. There are numerous problems with background Daleks, where it becomes obvious that they are cut out models​​

Working Titles

  • Servants of Mars

  • The Destiny of Doctor Who


A clucky start to the Second Doctor era which in no way reflect the talents of the shows' new lead star. Patrick Troughton brings a new persona to the mysterious Doctor playing him as an eccentric, sly but all-around brilliant person. The Daleks return after a short absence from the show and are best described as underwhelming. Spending a majority of the story toying with the humans until they launch their plan to conquer the human colony. They do provide some memorable moments, the assembly line, the bubbling blob, and the final dying moment where the supposedly dead Dalek moves to live another day. The six-parter is sporadic and uninspiring and the writing is somewhat cliched with back stabber stories and arrogant, greedy humans who are only interested in their own selfish activities. The various plotlines do not mesh together, and there is a  lack of energy which does not help, episode two is unbelievable slow. The Daleks are better in some areas all thanks to the brilliant Hawkins and Skelton providing some memorable new voices. The new Doctor has arrived but not in the best possible way but it is only a mile stone for the era that is to come. ***

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