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6 September 2014

Viewing Figure: 7.28M


The Doctor takes Clara to meet Robin Hood when they discover the Sheriff of Nottingham rules the land with an army knights


Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara), Tom Riley (Robin Hood), Roger Ashton-Griffiths (Quayle)

Sabrina Bartlett (Quayle's Ward), Ben Miller (The Sheriff of Nottingham), Ian Hallard (Alan-a-Dale), Rusty Goffe (Friar Tuck)

Joseph Kennedy (Will Scarlett), Adam Jones (Walter), David Benson (Herald), David Langham (Guard), Tim Baggaley (Knight)

Richard Elfyn (Voice of the Knights), Beau Brayham (Child Villager)

Uncredited Cast

Steve Coussens, Kai Murphy, Philip Bailey, Andrew Sweet, Thomas Taylor (Knights)

Richard Allen, Robert Arthur, Simon Challis, Jeremy Harvey (Archers)


Mark Gatiss (Writer), Nikki Wilson (Producer), Paul Murphy (Director), Crispin Layfield (Stunt Coordinator)

Robert Pavey, Chris Pollard, Adrian McGaw, Dean Forster (Stunt Performers), Jo Lea (First Assistant Director)

James DeHaviland (Second Assistant Director), Danielle Richards (Third Assistant Director)

Gareth Jones, Chris Thomas (Assistant Directors), Iwan Roberts (Location Manager), Nick Clark (Location Scout)

Iestyn Hampson-Jones (Unit Manager), Simon Morris (Production Manager), Adam Knopf (Production Coordinator)

Sandra Cosfield (Assistant Procuction Coordinator), Matthew Jones, Katie Player (Production Assistants)

Bethan Griffiths (Assistant Accountant), Maria Hurley (Art Department Accountant), Steve Walker (Script Supervisor)

David P Davis, Richard Cookson (Script Editors), Martin Stephens (Camera Operator)

Jonathan Vidgen, Matthew Waving (Focus Pullers), John Johnson (Grip)

Cai Thompson, Katy Kardasz, Gethin Williams (Camera Assistants), Sean Cronin (Assistant Grip)

Tam Shoring, Christopher Goding (Sound Maintenance Engineers), Mark Hutchings (Gaffer), Stephen Slocombe (Best Boy)

Gafin Riley, Andy Gardiner, Bob Milton, Gareth Sheldon (Electricians), Paul Spriggs (Supervising Art Director)

Vicki Stevenson (Art Director), Amy Pickwoad (Standby Art Director), Adrian Anscombe (Set Decorator)

Holly Thurman (Production Buyer), Donna Shakesheff, Helen O'Leary (Prop Buyers), Kartik Nagar (Draughtsperson)

Paul Smith (Props Master), Kyle Belmont (Props Chargehand), Liam Collins, Matt Ireland (Standby Props)

Jayne Davies, Mike Elkins, Jamie Farrell (Set Dressers), Jamie Southcott (Set Storeman), Ryan Milton (Assistant Storeman)

Chris Lees (Concept Artist), Christina Tom (Graphic Artist), Paul Jones (Standby Carpenter)

Bryan Griffiths (Standby Rigger), Christian Davies (Practical Electrician), Alan Hardy, Jamie Thomas (Props Makers)

Gareth Fox (Prop Driver), Terry Horle (Construction Manager), Dean Tucker (Construction Chargehand)

John Sinnott, Chris Daniels, Lawrie Ferry, Matt Ferry, Julian Tucker, Mark Painter, Joe Painter (Carpenters)

Clive Clarke (Head Scenic Painter), Steve Nelms, Matt Watson (Scenic Artists), Jonathan Tylke (Construction Driver)

Carly Griffith (Assistant Costume Designer), Claire Lynch, Antia Lad (Costume Supervisors)

Michelle McGrath, Gemma Evans, Charlotte Bestwick (Costume Assistants), Emma Cowen (Make-Up Supervisor)

Amy Riley, Ann Marie Williams (Make-Up Artists), Glyn Evans (Unit Medic), Alice Purser (Casting Associate)

Katrina Aust, Carmen Sanchez-Roberts (Assistant Editors), Dan Rawlings (VFX Editor), Samantha Price (Post Production Co-ordinator)

Tim Ricketts (Dubbing Mixer), Matthew Cox (ADR Editor), Darran Clements (Dialogue Editor), Harry Barnes (Effects Editor)

Jamie Talbutt (Foley Editor), BBC Wales Graphics (Graphics), Billy Hanshaw (Title Concept)

Mark Hardyman (Online Editor), Gareth Spensley (Colourist), conducted and orchestrated by Ben Foster

mixed by Jake Jackson, recorded by Gerry O'Riordan, Ron Grainer (Original Theme Music)

with thanks to the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Andy Pryor CDG (Casting Director), Julie Scott (Production Executive)

Nerys Davies (Post Production Supervisor), Jeff Dunn (Production Accountant), Deian Llyr Humphreys (Sound Recordist)

Howard Burden (Costume Designer), Claire Pritchard-Jones (Make-Up Designer), Murray Gold (Music)

Milk, BBC Wales VFX (Visual Effects), Real SFX (Special Effects), Millennium FX (Prosthetics), Will Oswald (Editor)

Michael Pickwoad (Production Designer), Mark Waters (Director of Photography), Tracie Simpson (Line Producer)

Steven Moffat, Brian Minchin (Executive Producers)  

Uncredited Crew

Dusan Lazarevic, Nikki Wilson (2nd Unit Director), Danielle Richards, Geoff Skelding (1st Assistant Director)

Iain Atkinson (2nd Assistant Director), Gareth Jones, Chris Thomas (3rd Assistant Director), Nathaniel Carver, Lorna Truman, Jordan Wallace

Paul Rubery, Kyran Davies, Rheinallt Rees, Emily Collins (Assistant Directors), Sandy McKellar (Script Supervisor)

Trevelyan Vidgen, Rory Taylor (Camera Operators), Mary Kyte, Chris Williams, Jamie Phillips, Chris Samworth 

Gareth Edward Evans (Focus Pullers), Martyn Jones, Bob Freeman (Grip), Steve Owen, Hannah McKimm, Elliot Hale

Ed Dunning (Camera Assistants), Mark Pickering (Assistant Grip), Abdul Amoud, Miles Croft, Andy Walsh (Sound Maintenance Engineers)

Mark Keeling (Gaffer), Francis Sparey (Best Boy), Tristan Peatfield (Art Director), Dave Bayliss, Dave Mountstephens (Standby Rigger)

Tim Jones (Carpenter), Angela Jones, Simon Marks (Costume Supervisors), Tom Hopkins, Olivia Alessandra, Nicola Rodd (Costume Assistants)

Ros Wilkins, Steve Williams, Sarah Astley-Hughes, Vikki Owen, Lisa Pugh, Charlotte Giles, Rosie Octon, Bethan Jones

Dawn Thatcher, Julie Davis (Make-Up Artists), Tim Hunt, Henry Milliner, Rickie Brooks (Sound Recordists)

Nic Morris, Trevelyan Oliver (Director of Photography)


Filming Locations

  • BBC Roath Lock Studios: Studio 4

  • Cosmeston Lakes Medieval Village, off Lavernock Road, Penarth

  • Fforest Fawr Woods, nr Tongwynlais, Caerphilly Mountain

  • Caerphilly Castle, Castle Street, Caerphilly, Mid Glamorgan

  • BBC Roath Lock Studios: Studio 2

  • BBC Roath Lock Studios: Studio 3

  • Pont-Melin-fach, Heol Calch, near Pontneddfechan


  • Quayle [killed by the Sheriff of Nottingham]

  • Sheriff of Nottingham [pushed in a vat of molten gold]

  • Walter [reduced to ash by a Robot Knight]

  • Herald [killed during the Robot Knight's attack]

  • Robot Knights [killed when their spaceship explodes]

Production Days

  • 17 Days between Tuesday 25 March - Wednesday 11 June 2014

Production Errors

  1. When arriving in Sherwood Forest, Clara closes the Tardis door when she first meets Robin Hood. The door is open when The Doctor and Robin Hood duel, and then the door is closed again in a later shot   

  2. When The Doctor pulls the lever to begin the Tardis dematerialising circuit, his shirt cuffs change from red to white

Working Titles

  • [no known working titles]


The Doctor shows off in everything he does because he does not like to think there is someone cooler than him in the Universe. Everything feels very rushed with horribly pushed clichés, over the top acting filled with shouting and moaning and distasteful death scenes. The whole affair seems to be in the wrong order, with scenes which are just plain stupid. The supporting cast are mixed with some of the worst acting seen in a long time, from Ian Hallard’s awful singing and prancing around the place with little sense of the character he is playing. Gorgeous filming locations and production design are evident, but a few little more aesthetic details would have finished them off. The danger is all expositional and nothing visually happens to explain what is happening and the resolution is also very expositional. Enjoyable at least but not brilliant. ***​



Number of Production Days: 5

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