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5 - 26 February 1966

Average Viewing Figure: 6.4M


Paris 1572, Steven is caught between the Huguenots and Catholics and The Doctor possible poses as The Abbot of Amboise


William Hartnell (The Doctor), Peter Purves (Steven Taylor), Andre Morell (Marshal Tavannes), Leonard Sachs (Admiral de Coligny)

David Weston (Nicholas), Annette Robertson (Anne), Eric Thompson (Gaston), John Tillinger (Simon), Joan Young (Catherine de Medici)

Barry Justice (Charles IX), Christopher Tranchell (Roger), Erik Chitty (Preslin), Edwin Finn (Landlord), Michael Bilton (Teligny)

Norman Claridge (Priest), Clive Cazes (Captain of the Guard), Reginald Jessup (Servant), Cynthia Etherington (Old Lady/Old Woman)

Will Stampe (1st Man), Ernest Smith (2nd Man), Jackie Lane (Dodo), John Slavid (Officer), Jack Tarran (1st Guard), Leslie Bates (2nd Guard)

Uncredited Cast

Robert Bartlett (Small Boy), Edward Granville, David Ronowski, Emmett, Hennessey, Ken McGarvie, Ken Dougall, Leslie Conrad

Charles O'Rourke, Peter Day, Denis Plenty (Tavern Customers), Juba Kennelly (Old Man), Hugh Cecil (Priest), Graham Tunbridge

Nigel Bernard, Leslie Shannon, Robert Pearson (Councillors), Norton Clarke (Secretary), Tom Sye (Assassin [Bonbot])


John Lucarotti, Donald Tosh (Writers), Ron Grainer (Title Music), Donald Tosh, Gerry Davis (Story Editors), Tony Leggo (Film Cameraman)

Sonia Markham (Make-Up Supervisor), Daphne Dare (Costume Supervisor), Dennis Channon (Lighting), Gordon Mackie (Sound)

Michael Young (Designer), John Wiles (Producer), Paddy Russell (Director)


Filming Locations

  • Ealing Film Studios: Stage 3

  • Windmill Road, Wimbledon Common, London

  • Riverside Studio 1


  • Gaspard de Coligny [killed during the massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve]

  • Charles de Teligny [killed during the massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve]

  • Protestants [killed during the massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve]

Production Days

  • 9 days between Monday 3 January - Friday 11 February 1966

Production Errors

  • [no known production errors]​​​​

Working Titles

  • The Massacre of St Bartholomew

  • The War of God


Cannot give a review due to serial being lost from the BBC Archives

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