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25 December 2010

Viewing Figure: 12.11M


The Doctor must chance the ways of a old man if he is too save a spaceship that Amy and Rory are on


Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory), Michael Gambon (Kazran/Elliot Sardick)

Katherine Jenkins (Abigail) Laurence Belcher (Young Kazran), Danny Horn (Adult Kazran), Leo Bill (Pilot), Pooky Quesnel (Captain)

Micah Balfour (Co-Pilot), Steve North (Old Benjamin), Bailey Pepper (Boy & Benjamin), Tim Plester (Servant), Nick Malinowski (Eric)

Laura Rogers (Isabella), Meg Wynn-Owen (Old Isabella)


Steven Moffat (Writer), Toby Hayes (Director), Marcus Wilson (Producer), Mick Pantaleo (1st Assistant Director)

James DeHaviland (2nd Assistant Director), Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch (3rd Assistant Director)

Janine H Jones, Michael Curtis (Assistant Directors), Iwan Roberts (Location Manager), Rhys Griffiths (Unit Manager)

Steffan Morris (Production Manager), Claire Hildred (Production Co-ordinator), Helen Blyth (Asst Production Co-ordinator)

Scott Handock (Production Secretary), Charlie Coombes (Production Assistant), Rhys Evans (Asst Production Accountant)

Lindsay Alford (Script Executive), Philip Trow (Script Supervisor), Robert Arrowsmith (Camea Operator)

Steve Rees, Simon Walton (Focus Pullers), Gary Newman (Grip), Simon Ridge, Svetlana Miko (Camera Assistants)

Laura Cootes (Boom Operator), Dafydd Parry (Sound Maintenance Engineer), Mark Hutchings (Gaffer), Pete Chester (Best Boy)

Ben Griffiths, Gareth Sheldon, Bob Milton, Peter Scott (Electricians), Crispin Layfield (Stunt Co-ordinator)

Gordon Seed (Stunt Performer), Stephen Nicholas (Art Director), Julian Luxton (Set Decorator), Ben Morris (Production Buyer)

Ciaran Thompson (Standby Art Director), Rod Knipping (Storyboard Artist), Richard Shaun Williams (Concept Artist)

Paul Aitken (Props Master), Adrian Anscombe (Props Buyer), Rhys Jones (Props Chargehand)

Silas Williams, Katherine Archer (Standby Props), Stuart MacKay, Kristian Wilsher (Dressing Props), Christina Tom (Graphic Artist)

Julia Jones (Model Maker), Kate Wilson (Petty Cash Buyer), Justin Williams (Standby Carpenter), Bryan Griffiths (Standby Rigger)

Helen Atherton (Standby Painter), Jayne Davies (Store Person), Penny Howarth, Nicholas Robatto (Props Makers) 

Medard Mankos (Props Driver), Albert James (Practical Electrician), Matthew Hywel-Davies (Construction Manager)

Scott Fisher (Construction Chargehand), BBC Wales Graphics (Graphics), Samantha Keeble (Asst Costume Designer)

Bobbie Peach (Costume Supervisor), Jason Gill, Yasemin Kascioglu (Costume Assistants), Pam Mullins (Make-Up Supervisor), 

Allison Sing, Vivienne Simpson (Make-Up Artists), Alice Purser (Casting Associate), Beewan Athwal (VFX Producer)

Becky Torman (Assistant Editor), Cat Gregory (VFX Editor), Craig Higgins (Senior Visual Effects Artists)

Nerys Davies, (Post Prod Supervisors), Marie Brown (Post Prod. Co-ordinator), Tim Ricketts (Dubbing Mixer)

Paul McFadden (Sound Supervisor), Paul Jefferies (Sound Effects Editor), Jamie Talbutt (Foley Editor)

Mick Vincent (Colourist), Mark Bright (On-line Conform), with thanks to the BBC National Orchestra of Wales

conducted and orchesterated by Ben Fostermixed by Jake Jackson, recorded by Gerry O'Riordan

Ron Grainer (Original Theme Music), Andy Pryor CDG (Casting Director), Julie Scott (Production Executive)

Dyfed Thomas (Production Accountant), Bryn Thomas (Sound Recordist), Barbara Kidd (Costume Designer)

Barbara Southcott (Make-Up Designer), Murray Gold (Music), The Mill (Visual Effects), Real SFX (Special Effects)

Prosthetics (Millennium FX), Adam Recht (Editor), EMichael Pickwoad (Production Designer)

Stephen Pehrsson (Director of Photography), Diana Barton (Line Producer), Piers Wenger, Beth Willis, Steven Moffat (Executive Producers)


Uncredited Crew

Jose Garnes (Assistant Director), Nicky James (Location Manager), Nicky Coles (Script Supervisor), Zac Henderson (Stsdnby Rigger)

Emma Bevan, Elle Kent, Hannah Summer (Costume Assistants), Tigy Tucker, Cathy Davies, Jane Pearce (Make-Up Artists)

Sarah Bartles-Smith (Director of Photography)  


Filming Locations

  • Mir Steel, Corporation Road, Newport

  • Upper Boat Studios: Studio 6

  • The Coal Exchange, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay

  • Upper Boat Studios: Studio 1

  • Upper Boat Studios: Studio 2

  • Johnsey Estate, Mamhilad Park Industrial Estate South, Pontypool

  • Upper Boat Studios: Studio 5


  • Fish [eaten by the Sky Shark]

Production Days

  • 24 Days between Monday 12 July - Friday 8 October 2010 

Production Errors

  1. When The Doctor makes his first trip back to Kazran's childhood, the Tardis scan be seen in the background at the beginning of the scene. The Tardis is later absent in the exterior shot where The Doctor stands at the window 

Working Titles

  • [no known working titles]


A Christmas Carol is without a doubt the worst 'Doctor Who' Christmas special ever. Far too many forced puns and a plot which so shamelessly copies Charles Dicken’s acclaimed best seller. The plot has no pace, no care and effort with any heart-warming elements being nothing more than cold attempts to lighten the mood. There are so many pull your hair out moments – how does the Tardis mean its Christmas, Amy? Why do the star liner passengers sing when the plummeting to their deaths? Who cares about the ending? The ending is the best part because it ends. A forced love relationship arrives which literally appears out of nowhere, the show has never been a master at love relationships but the one in this is garbage. The Doctor potentially could do a lot of damage by the changing the past and never seems bothered by it. Does he not remember what happened in 'Mawdryn Undead' or 'Father’s Day'! The acting is not all that admirable with everyone putting in a stone-cold effort. Apart from Gambon and young Laurence Belcher a true shining light in this dark natured tale. Nothing can be said about this one apart from stay away and don’t watch. Terrible. *​


Number of Production Days: 5

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