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186) BLINK

9 June 2007

Viewing Figure: 6.6M


In an old abandoned house, The Weeping Angels plan to break into The Tardis so they can feed on The Tardis' power


David Tennant (The Doctor), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), Carey Mulligan (Sally Sparrow), Lucy Gaskell (Kathy Nightingale)

Finlay Robertson (Larry Nightingale), Richard Cant (Malcolm Wainwright), Michael Obiora (Billy Shipton), Louis Mahoney (Old Billy)

Thomas Nelstrop (Ben Wainwright), Ian Boldsworth (Banto), Ray Sawyer (Desk Sergeant)

Uncredited Cast

Aga Blonska, Elen Thomas (Weeping Angels)


Steven Moffat (Writer), Phil Collinson (Producer), Hettie McDonald (Director), Gareth Williams (1st Assistant Director)

Anna Evans (2nd Assistant Director), Paul Bennett (3rd Assistant Director), Gareth Skelding (Location Managers)

Geriant Havard Jones (Unit Manager), Jess van Niekerk (Production Co-ordinator), Kevin Myers (Production Secretary)

Debi Griffiths (Production Assistant), Glen Coxon, Tom Evans (Floor Runners), Kath Blackman (Contracts Assistant)

Llinos Wyn Jones (Continuity), Helen Raynor (Script Editor), Ant Hugill (Focus Pullers), Clive Baldwin (Grip)

Stephens Andrews (Camera Assistant), Jeff Welch, Jillian Spend (Boom Operators), Peter Chester (Gaffer), Chris Dawies (Best Boy)

Crispin Layfield, Glenn Marks (Stunt Co-ordinators), Stephen Nicholas (Chief Supervising Art Director)

Jonathan Marquand Allison (Art Dept Production Manager), Matthew North (Art Dep Co-ordinator)

Adrian Anscombe (Chief Props Master), Arwel Wyn Jones (Supervising Art Director), James North (Associate Designer)

Keith Dunne (Set Decorator), Dafydd Shurmer (Standby Art Director)

Peter McKinstry, Ian Bunting, Al Roberts, Rob Dicks (Design Assistants), Sarah Payne (Cyfle Trainee)

Gareth Thomas, Rhys Jones (Standby Props), Will Pope (Standby Carpenter), Julia Challis(Standby Painter)

Keith Freeman (Standby Rigger), Dewi Thomas (Prop Master), Sue Jackson-Potter (Props Buyer), Martin Broadbent (Props Chargehand)

Martin Griffiths (Props Storeman), Austin Curtis (Forward Dresser), Barry Jones (Chief Props Maker)

Penny Howarth, Mark Cordory, Nick Robatto (Props Makers), Matthew Hywel-Davies (Construction Manager)

Allen Jones, Scott Fisher (Construction Chargehands), BBC Wales Graphics (Graphics), Charlotte Mitchell (Costume Supervisor)

Bobby Peach, Sara Morgan  (Costume Assistants), Allison Sing (Make-Up Artist), Ben Ashmore (Special Effects Co-ordinator)

Paul Kelly (Special Effects Supervisor), Danny Hargreaves, Henry Brook, Dan Bentley, Richard Magrin (Special Effects Technicians)

Neill Gorton (Prosthetics Designer), Rob Mayor (Prosthetics Supervisor), Matt O'Toole (On Set Prosthetics)

Claire Folkard (Prosthetics Technician), Andy Brierley, Kirsty Robertson (Casting Assocaite), Ceres Doyle (VFX Editor)

Tim Hodges, Matthew Mullins (Assistant Editors), Samantha Hall, Chris Blatchford (Post Production Supervisor)

Marie Brown (Post Production Co-ordinator), Simon Holden (On Line Editor), Mick Vincent (Colourist)

Marianne Paton (VFX Production Assistant), Tim Ricketts (Dubbing Mixer), Paul McFadden (Supervising Sound Editor)

Doug Sinclair (Sound Editor), Paul Jefferies (Sound FX Editor), Kelly-Marie Angell (Foley Editor), Chris Rogers (Finance Manager)

with thanks to the BBC National Orchestra of WalesRon Grainer (Original Theme Music), Andy Pryor CDG (Casting Director)

Julian Scott (Production Executive), Endaf Emyr Williams (Production Accountant), Ray Parker (Sound Recordist)

Ray Holman (Costume Designer), Emma Bailey (Make-Up Designer), Murray Gold (Music), The Mill (Visual Effects)

Will Cohen, Marie Jones (Visual FX Producers), Dave Houghton (Visual FX Supervisor), Any Effects (Special Effects)

Millennium FX (Porspethics), Jamie McCoan (Editor), Edward Thomas (Production Designer)

Ernie Vincze BSC (Director of Photography), Debbi Slater (Production Manager), Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner (Executive Producers)  

Uncredited Crew

Steffan Morris (2nd Assistant Director), Rhys Griffiths, Huw Jones (Unit Managers), Marc Covington, Jamie Southcott (Focus Pullers)

Tom Hartley (Camera Assistant), Kevin Staples (Boom Operator), Mark Hutchings (Gaffer), Bryan Griffiths (Standy Rigger)

Lindsay Bonacorsi (Costume Supervisor), Maire Jones (Costume Assistant), Gill Rees (Make-Up Artist)

Peter Hawkins (On Set Prosthetics Supervisor), Barbara Southcott (Make-Up Designer)


Filming Locations

  • Upper Boat Studios, Trefforest

  • Old Natwest Bank, West Bute Street, Cardiff Bay

  • West Bute Dock, West Bute Street, Cardiff Bay

  • Coal Exchange, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay

  • Caerphilly Miner's Hospital, Mountain Road, Caerphilly

  • Field Park Road, Newport, Gwent

  • Oddverse Café, 25 Charles Street, Newport

  • Diverse Vinyl, 10 Charles Street, Newport

  • Charterist Tower, Upper Dock Street, Newport

  • St Woolos Cemetery, Risca Road, Newport

  • Llanfair Road, Pontcanna

  • Cwm Ifor Farm, Caerphilly

  • Cardiff [various locations]


  • Kathy Nightingale [dies in 1987]

  • Billy Shipton [dies in 2007 as an old man]

  • Weeping Angels [frozen in time forever]

Production Days

  • 15 Days between Tuesday 6 November 2006 - Tuesday 9 January 2007

Production Errors

  1. During the scene when Sally takes the Tardis key out of the Weeping Angel's hand, the key changes positions, and back between shots 

  2. In the scene when Larry holds off a Weeping Angel, the Angel's left hand changes position between shots 

  3. When Larry quickly looks behind and back at the Angel, the Angel is only inches away from Larry. However, in the next shot, the Angel is slightly further away from him 

  4. During the scene outside of Sally and Larry shop, bystanders can be seen watching the filming take place from the windows above the Newsagent shop


Working Titles

  • [no known working titles]


Series Three just keeps on providing with another smash hit. Blink is a wonderful piece of television all down to another brilliant script by Steven Moffat. The Weeping Angels combines all the right elements of a good monster, originality, fear factor and an intriguing backstory and a haunted house in which to do their dirty work. The story works remarkably well without The Doctor, the first story to take full advantage of his absence and allows viewers to become invested in other elements of the show. The script is intelligent, dark, and tightly written which results in an instant classic. *****​

Number of Production Days: 5

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