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29 April 2006

Viewing Figure: 8.3M


Investigating strange going-on at a High School,  bat-like aliens are attempting to crack a code so they can become Gods


David Tennant (The Doctor), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Anthony Head (Mr Finch), Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith)

Rod Arthur (Mr Parsons), Eugene Washington (Mr Wagner), Heather Cameron (Nina), Joe Pickley (Kenny), Benjamin Smith (Luke)

Clem Tibber (Milo), Lucinda Dryzek (Melissa), Caroline Berry (Dinner Lady), John Leeson (Voice of K-9)

Uncredited Cast

Moira Hunt, Laura Semmens, Ceri Clutterbuck (Krillitane Dinner Ladies)

Steve Darling, Carl Carew, Glen Jones, Matthew John (Krillitane Teachers), Suzanne Cazenove (Krillitane Nurse)

Amanda Renate, Sharelle Hughes, Shane Morgan, Verdun Rolands (Norman Teachers)


Toby Whithouse (Writer), Phil Collinson (Producer), James Hawes (Director), K9 originally created by Bob Baker and Dave Martin

Jon Older (1st Assistant Director), Steffan Morris (2nd Assistant Director), Lynsey Muir (3rd Assistant Director)

Lowri Thomas, Gareth Skelding (Location Managers), Justin Gyphion (Unit Manager), Jess van Niekerk (Production Co-ordinator)

Claire Roberts (Production/Script Secretary), Debbie Meldrum (Production Runner), Debi Griffiths, Kath Blackman (A/Production Accountants)

Llinos Wyn Jones (Continuity), Helen Raynor (Script Editor), Julian Barber (Camera Operator), Mark Issac, Terry Bartlett (Focus Pullers)

John Robinson (Grip), Jeff Welch, Rhydian Yeoman (Boom Operators), Mark Hutchings (Gaffer), Peter Chester (Best Boy)

Peter Brayham (Stunt Co-ordinator), Maurice Lee (Stunt Performer), Stephen Nicholas (Supervising Art Director)

Jonathan Marquand Allison (Art Dept Production Manager), Nick Burnell (Standby Art Director), James North (A/Supervising Art Director)

Matthew Savage, Ben Austin (Design Assistants), Phill Shellard, Trystan Howell (Standby Props), Julian Luxton (Set Decorator)

Adrian Anscombe (Property Master) , Catherine Samuel (Production Buyer), Paul Aitken (Props Chargehand), Stuart Woddisse (Props Storeman)

Matthew North (Forward Dresser), Mark Cordory (Specialist Prop Maker), Penny Howarth (Prop Maker)

Matthew Hywel-Davies (Construction Manager), Allen Jones (Constrction Chargehand), BBC Wales Graphics (Graphics)

Anna Lau (Costume Supervisor), Lindsay Bonaccorsi, Barbara Harrington (Costume Assistants)

Anwen Davies, Steve Smith, Moria Thompson (Make-Up Artists), Andy Brierley (Casting Associate), Ceres Doyles (Assistant Editor)

Chris Blatchford, Samantha Hall (Post Production Supervisors), Marie Brown (Post Production Co-ordinator), Matthew Clarke (On Line Editor)

Mick Vincent (Colourist), Chris Petts, Jean Yves Audouard, Paul Burton, Jean-Claude Deguara, Nicholas Hernandez, Will Pryor

Matthew McKinney, Neil Roche, Chris Tucker, Mark Wallman, Nick Webber (3D Artists), Sara Bennett, David Bowman

Melissa Butler-Adams, Joseph Courtis, Bronwyn Edwards, Simon C Holden, Russell North (2D Artists)

Kim Phelan (Visual Effects Co-ordinator), Alex Fort (Digital Matte Painter), Mike Tucker (Model Unit Supervisor), Tim Ricketts (Dubbing Mixer)

Paul McFadden, Doug Sinclair (Sound Editors), Paul Jefferies (Sound FX Editor), Richard Pugsley (Finance Manager)

with thanks to the BBC National Orchestra of WalesRon Grainer (Original Theme Music), Andy Pryor CDG (Casting Director)

Endaf Emyr Williams (Production Accountant), Simon Fraser (Sound Recordist), Louise Page (Costume Designer)

Sheelagh Wells (Make-Up Designer), Murray Gold (Music), The Mill (Visual Effects), Will Cohen (Visual FX Producer)

Dave Houghton (Visual FX Supervisor), Any Effects (Special Effects), Neill Gorton and Millennium FX (Porspethics), Liana Del Giudice (Editor)

Edward Thomas (Production Designer), Ernie Vincze BSC (Director of Photography), Tracie Simpson (Production Manager)

Helen Vallis (Associate Producer), Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner (Executive Producers)  

Uncredited Crew

Lynsey Muir (2nd Assistant Director), Adam Hill, Anna Evans (3rd Assistant Director), Joss Lowe, Paul Lang (Camera Operator)

Elly Harrowes (Focus Pullers), Steve Jones (Grip), Glen Jenkins (Boom Operator), Angela Jones, Sheenagh O'Maragh (Costume Assistants)

Anwen Williams, Marie Doris (Make-Up Artists), Rory Taylor, Peter Tyler (Director of Photography)


Filming Locations

  • Fitzalan High School, Leckwith, Cardiff

  • Duffryn High School, Lighthouse Road, Newport

  • Belle View Park, Cardiff Road, Newport

  • Da Vinci's Coffee Shop, High Street, Newport

  • BBC Model Unit, Kendal Avenue, London

  • UNIT Q2, Imperial Way, Newport


  • Nina [eaten by Mr Finch]

  • Mr Finch [dies when Deffry Vale High School explodes]

  • Mr Parsons [eaten by the Krillitanes]

  • Mr Wagner [body explodes after being covered in Krillitane oil]

  • Normal Teachers [eaten by the Krillitanes]

  • Krillitane Dinner Ladies [bodies explode after being covered in Krillitane oil]

  • Krillitane Teachers [bodies explode after being covered in Krillitane oil]

  • Krillitane Nurse [body explodes after being covered in Krillitane oil]

  • Krillitanes [three are blasted to death by K-9]


Production Days

  • 14 Days between Tuesday 23 August - Saturday 8 October 2005

Production Errors

  1. At the beginning of the episode, Mr Finch's Headmaster's office clearly has a window in it. However when The Doctor and the others return later at night, the window is no longer there, and the door is much larger

  2. Mr Finch claims that he has a adapted a permanent human form, however he is clearly seen changing into a Krillitane before killing and eating Nina 

  3. Could the Krillitane really devour an entire school faculty - which should include Teachers, Office Staff, and possibly a Janitor or two without anyone getting away? At this point - 1 of the Krillitane Dinner Ladies is dead, and 3 don't even show up

  4. The number of Children at the school changes dramatically throughout the serial. There is clearly at least 100 pupils taking into account; Mr Wagner 'computer' class, the second morning, the afternoon break session, and other scenes in the corridors. However at the end of the episode the number of pupils doesn't add up​​​​

Working Titles

  • Black Ops (outline)

  • Old Friends


A straight forward plot which does not really provide the sense of adventure as other Tennant’s episode nor does it have the gripping effect after one watches it on multiply viewings. The Krillitanes are admirable creations but they are underused doing nothing but; flap their wings, screech at people, and hoover in mid-air. The script is intelligent enough with a moral dilemma which faces The Doctor and Rose and a confrontation between The Doctor and Finch. Some of the series all time darkest moments can be seen here, really think about it. The camerawork helps set up the story as does the music which creates some eerily crafted scenes which are happening right under The Doctor’s nose. The pacing is a bit start and go but that is probably to let younger viewers who have not seen the classic series know who Sarah Jane Smith is. Again, Rose seems a little of character, Billie Piper looks a little uncomfortable performing the final scenes. It not a special episode by any means but there is enough to keep anyone entertained. ***​

Number of Production Days: 5

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