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15 April 2006

Viewing Figure: 8.6M


On New Earth, The sisters of Plenitude are able to cure any disease but, what sinister secrets do they hold? 


David Tennant (The Doctor), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith)

Zoe Wanamaker (Cassandra), Sean Gallagher (Chip), Dona Croll (Matron Casp), Michael Fitzgerald (Duke of Manhattan)

Lucy Robinson (Frau Clovis), Adjoa Andoh (Sister Jatt), Anna Hope (Novice Hame), Simon Ludders (Patient)

Struan Rodger (Voice of the Face of Boe)

Uncredited Cast

Stuart Ashman (Butler), Claire Saddler (Red Lady), Mai Kearney (White Man), Liza Meggitt, Hazel Beauchamp, Jade Kenning, Natalie Cuzner

Nia Collier (Cat Nuns), Helen Irving (Posh Mum), Dave Bremner (Posh Dad), Rebecca Tromans, Clare Bromage, Jo Ruiz, Laurence Chanon

Richard Heneghan, Heidi Scurlock, Oliver Hopkins, Gerrard Cooke, Sophia Day, Eddie Hunt, Eryl Vaughan, Steve Apelt, David Hanford

Sam Varna, Deborah Evans, Boby Tee, Sally Martin, William Adrian (Patients [Deceased]), Dave Wong, Gareth Somers (NNYPD Cops)


Russell T Davies (Writer), Phil Collinson (Producer), James Hawes (Director), Jon Older (1st Assistant Director)

Steffan Morris (2nd Assitant Director), Lynsey Muir (3rd Assistant Director), Lowri Thomas, Gareth Skelding (Location Managers)

Justin Gyphion (Unit Manager), Jess van Niekerk (Production Co-ordinator), Claire Roberts (Production/Script Secretary)

Debbie Meldrum (Production Runner), Debi Griffiths, Kath Blackman, Bonnie Clissold (A/Production Accountants)

Linos Wyn Jones (Continuity), Helen Raynor (Script Editor), Julian Barber (Camera Operator), Mark Issac, Terry Bartlett (Focus Pullers)

John Robinson (Grip), Jeff Welch (Boom Operator), Mark Hutchings (Gaffer), Peter Chester (Best Boy), Peter Brayham (Stunt Co-ordinator)

Dean Foster, Kim McGarrity, Dani Biernat, Maurice Lee (Stunt Performers), Stephen Nicholas (Supervising Art Director)

Jonathan Marquand Allison (Art Dept Production Manager), Arwel Wyn Jones (Standby Art Director), James North (A/Supervising Art Director)

Matthew Savage, Ben Austin (Design Assistants), Phil Shellard, Trystan Howell (Standby Props), Silas Williams (Standby Carpenter)

Louise Bohling (Standby Scenic Artist), Julian Luxton (Set Decorator), Adrian Anscombe (Property Master), Catherine Samuel (Property Buyer)

Stuart Woddisee (Props Storeman), Mark Cordory (Specialist Prop Maker), Penny Howarth (Prop Maker)

Matthew Hywel-Davies (Construction Manager), BBC Wales Graphics (Graphics), Anna Lau (Costume Supervisor)

Lindsay Bonaccorsi, Barbara Harrington (Costume Assistants), Anwen Davies, Steve Smith, Moria Thompson (Make-Up Artists)

Andy Brierley (Casting Associate), Ceres Doyle (Assistant Editor), Chris Blatchford, Samantha Hall (Post Production Supervisors)

Marie Brown (Post Production Co-ordinator), Matthew Clarke (On Line Editor), Mick Vincent (Colourist), Chris Petts, Paul Burton

Jean-Claude Deguara, Nicholas Hernandez, Andy Howell, Matthew McKinney, Neil Roche, Chris Tucker, Mark Wallman

Nick Webber (3D Artists), Sara Bennett, David Bowman, Melissa Butler-Adams, Joseph Courtis, Brownyn Edwards, Michael Harrison

Simon C Holden, Russell Horth (3D Artists), Kim Phelan (Visual Effects Co-ordinator), Alex Fort (Digital Matte Painter)

Tim Ricketts (Dubbing Mixer), Paul McFadden, Doug Sinclair (Sound Editors), Paul Jefferies (Sound FX Editor)

Richard Pugsley (Finance Manager), with thanks to the BBC National Orchestra of WalesRon Grainer (Original Theme Music)

Andy Pryor CDG (Casting Director), Endaf Emyr Williams (Production Accountant), Simon Fraser (Sound Recordist)

Louise Page (Costume Designer), Sheelagh Wells (Make-Up Designer), Murray Gold (Music), The Mill (Visual Effects)

Will Cohen (Visual FX Producer), Dave Houghton (Visual FX Supervisor), Ant Effects (Special Effects), Neill Gorton and Millennium FX (Prospethics)

Liana Del Guidice (Editor), Edward Thomas (Production Designer), Ernie Vincze BSC (Director of Photography)

Tracie Simpson (Production Manager), Helen Vallis (Associate Producer), Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner (Executive Producers)

Uncredited Crew

Tim Hodges (1st Assistant Director), Lynsey Muir (2nd Assistant Director), Adam Hill, Anna Evans, Dan Mumford (3rd Assistant Director)

Rhys Griffiths (Unit Manager), Victoria Wheel (Production Runner), Joss Lowe, Paul Lang, Terry Bartlett, Paul Lagh (Camera Operator)

Steve Rees, Donald Ng, Elly Harrowes (Focus Pullers), Steve Jones (Grip0, Rhydian Yeoman, Bryn Thomas, Adam Margetts, Glen Jenkins

Jon Thomas (Boom Operator), Slogger (Best Boy), Angela Jones, Sheenagh O'Maragh, Gemma Evans, Louise Martin

Anna Stone (Costume Assistants), Sara Griffiths, Anwen Williams, Marie Doris, Neil Batt, Betsan Dafydd (Make-Up Artists)

Phil Edward (Sound Recordist), Rory Taylor, Pete Tyler (Director of Photography)


Filming Locations

  • Ba Orient, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay

  • Loudoun Square, Gabalfa, Cardiff

  • HTV Studios: Studio 1, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff

  • Millennium Centre, Cardiff

  • BBC Model Unit, Kendal Avenue, London

  • The Paper Mill, Sanatorium Road, Cardiff

  • UNIT Q2, Imperial Way, Newport

  • Tredegar House, Newport

  • Worm's Head, Rhossili, Gower



  • Diseased Patient [incinerated by Sister Jatt]

  • Patient [electrocutes himself to free his fellow diseased patients]

  • Matron Casp [infected by a diseased patient]

  • Sister Jatt [infected by a diseased patient and then falls to her death]

  • Posh Mum [infected by a diseased patient]

  • Cassandra [dies in Chip's body]

  • Chip [dies with Cassandra inside his body]

    • possibly many others that aren't seen

Production Days

  • 19 Days between Monday 1 August - Thursday 3  November 2005

Production Errors

  1. When Rose is captured in the Hospital basement, the camera zoom out revealing that the psychograft has disappeared, however it reappears when the camera cuts to Rose

  2. Before The Doctor and 'Rose' open of the booths housing a Diseased Patient, is clearly empty however in the next shot the booth is occupied 

  3. Rose clearly enters the right-hand lift but emerges from the left-hand one when she reaches the basement 

  4. Rose's mascara remains 'perfect' after being soaked, powdered, and blow-dried in the lift

  5. After entering Rose's body, Cassandra removes Rose's blue jacket in an off-screen moment. However when The Doctor and Rose revisit the basement, the jacket is nowhere to be seen​​

Working Titles

  • [no known working titles]

Number of Production Days: 5


Much like big movie productions and cult-classic movies New Earth is not a strong sequel to The End of the World. The plot is filled with reused, old, and tired science fiction ideas – body swapping, which gets old unbelievably quick. There are a few inconsistencies all over the place and the acting from most of the cast is best described as erratic. The resolution is one of the weakest and has no substance to it. The Doctor just realises that all the medicines in the hospital can treat the Diseased People. While that would theoretically work I guess the up-tempo music and fast editing does not fit the scenes very well. The script has many moral issues and themes running through it but are met with very basic resolutions. The Diseased People, the Sisters of Plenitude, the Cat Nuns do not nothing interesting and Cassandra is severely done a disservice. While the CGI shots are incredible New Earth will certainly not be a must watch for years to come. **​

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