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22 November 1989 - 6 December 1989

Average Viewing Figure: 4.9M


The Doctor takes Ace back to Perivale who discovers Cheetah People are transporting people to their home planet


Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Anthony Ainley (The Master), Julian Holloway (Paterson), Lisa Bowerman (Karra)

Norman Pace (Harvey), Gareth Hale (Len), Will Barton (Midge), Sakuntala Ramanee (Shreela), David John (Derek)

Sean Oliver (Stuart), Kate Eaton (Ange), Kathleen Bidmead (Woman), Adele Silva (Squeak), Michelle Martin (Neighbour)

Uncredited Cast

Damon Jeffrey (Man washing Car [Dave]), Muriel Wellesley (Woman [at window shooing cat]), Lee Towsey (Injured Self-Defence Lad)

Jimmy Morris, Humphrey James, Michael Savva, Keith Macey, Nick Ferranti, Dominic Martinez, Simon Horrill (Self-Defence Lads)

Jean Channon (Woman [at telephone], Damon Jeffrey, Lee Towsey, Basil Patton, Leslie Meadows, Emma Darrell

Samantha Leverett, Susan Goode, Adel Jackson (Cheetahs), Jack Talbot (Milkman), Tip Tipping (Stunt Double for The Doctor)

Eddie Kidd (Stunt Double for Midge), Wayne Michaels, Damon Jeffrey (Double for Karra)


Rona Munro (Writer), Paul Heasman (Stunt Arranger), Ron Grainer (Theme Music), Dominic Glynn (Incidental Music)

Dick Mills (Special Sound), Gary Downie (Production Manager), Valerie Whiston (Production Assistant)

Stephen Garwood, Leigh Poole (Assistant Floor Managers), Malcolm James (Visual Effects Designer), Dave Chapman (Video Effects)

Susan Brincat (Vision Mixer), Oliver Elmes (Graphic Designer), Nick Barnett (Properties Buyer), CAL Video (Computer Animation)

Brian Jones (Engineering Manager), Paul Harding, Alan Jessop (OB Cameramen), Hugh Parson (Videotape Editor)

Ian Dow (Lighting), Les Mowbray, Scott Talbott (Sound), Ken Trew (Costume Designer), Joan Stribling (Make-Up Designer)

Andrew Cartmel (Script Editor), June Collins (Production Associate), Nick Somerville (Designer), John Nathan-Turner (Producer)

Alan Wareing (Director) 


Filming Locations

  • Medway Drive, Perivale, Middx

  • Flats, Medway Parade, Perivale, Middx

  • Drayton Court Public House, The Avenue, London

  • Londis Food Market, Medway Parade, Perivale, Middx

  • Motor Cycles Unlimited, Medway Parade, Perivale, Middx

  • Sceptre Financial Services, Medway Parade, Perivale, Middx

  • Ealing Central Sports Ground, Perivale, Middx

  • Clowyn Avenue, Perivale, Middx

  • Bleasdale Avenue, Perivale, Middx

  • Woodhouse Avenue, Perivale, Middx

  • EYJ Martial Arts Centre, Sudbury Hill, Middx

  • Horsenden Hill, Perivale, Middx

  • Warmwell Quarry, Warmwell, Dorset


  • Paterson [killled by his students who are possessed by Midge]

  • Karra [stabbed by The Master]

  • Midge [killed by The Master]

  • Stuart [killed by Karra as a Cheetah Person]

  • Dave [killed by a Cheetah Person]

  • Milkman [killed by a Cheetah Person]

  • Tiger [possibly killed by a Kitling]

Production Days

  • 12 days between Saturday 11 June - Friday 23  June 1989

Production Errors

  1. There are some obvious continuity mistakes when a shot of a real black cat cuts to a robot double 

Working Titles

  • Blood-Hunt

  • Cat-Flap


Munro’s script is full of imagination, beautiful Cheetah people, writing and characters. The plot is your basic survival of the fittest but brings a unique approach to it where sometimes the most savage animals of all can be humans. Another fine soundtrack this time from Dominic Glynn a shame Mark Ayres could make it three for three in a row. A lot of money was clearly thrown into the project – eight Cheetah people costumes, horses for energetic chase sequences and even a few motorbike stunts. Visual effects galore, beautiful costumes, remarkably scary puppets, and a wonderful final monologue from one of the greatest television characters of all time tied the classic era on a satisfying final note. ****

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