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23 November - 7 December 1988

Average Viewing Figure: 5.5M


As the nemesis statue nears Earth, The Cybermen, Neo-Nazis and Lady Peinforte all want the statue for their own evil deeds


Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Anton Diffring (De Flores), Fiona Walker (Lady Peinforte), Dolores Gray (Mrs Remington)

Gerald Murphy (Richard), Leslie French (Mathematician), Metin Yenal (Karl), Martyn Read (Security Guard), David Banks (Cyber Leader)

Mark Hardy (Cyber Lieutenant), Courtney Pine, Adrian Read, Ernest Mothle, Frank Tontoh (Jazz Quartet)

Chris Chering, Symond Lawes (Skinheads), Brian Orrell (Cyberman)

Uncredited Cast

Terry Duran (De Flores' Gardener), John Baker, Steve Ausden, Jamie Durdy, Jack Talbot, Sean Barry-Weske, Andrew Searle, Keith Harvie

David Howarth, Julian Redmond, Sean McCrory (Paramilitaries), Jacqueline Tew (De Flores' Maid), John Ould, Dave Ould (Walkmen)

Christian Fletcher, Darryl Brook, Mike Mungarvan (Policemen), Mary Reynolds (Queen Elizabeth II), Danny Boyd, Paul Barrass

Scott Mitchell, Tony Carlton, Bill Malin, Paul Heasman (Cybermen), Paul McGuiness (Dying Cyberman)

Fiona Walker (Statue), Ricardo Mulhall (Hitchhiker), Karen Young (1638 Young Woman)


Kevin Clarke (Writer), Paul Heasman, Nick Gillard (Stunt Arrangers), Ron Grainer (Theme Music)

Keff McCulloch (Theme Arrangement/Incidental Music), Dick Mills (Special Sound), Gary Downie (Production Manager)

June Collins (Production Associate), Lynn Grant, Jeremy Fry (Assistant Floor Managers), Perry Brahan (Visual Effects Designer)

Dave Chapman (Video Effects), Jim McCarthy (Paintbox Artist), Brian Jones (Engineering Manager), Barry Chaston, Alan Jessop (OB Cameramen)

William Dudman (Film Cameraman), Hugh Parson (Videotape Editor), Barbara Gainsley (Vision Mixer), John Charles (Properties Buyer)

Ian Dow (Lighting), John Nottage, Trevor Webster, Scott Talbott (Sound), Richard Croft (Costume Designer)

Dorka Nieradzik (Make-Up Designer), Andrew Cartmel (Script Editor), Oliver Elmes (Graphic Designer), CAL Video (Computer Animation)

John Asbridge (Designer), John Nathan-Turner (Producer), Chris Clough (Director)

Uncredited Crew

Mike Tucker, Paul McGuinness (Visual Effects Assistants)


Filming Locations

  • Greenwich Gas Works, Tunnel Avenue, London

  • Arundel Estate, Arundel, W Sussex

  • Arundel Castle, Arundel, W Sussex

  • Tarrant Street, Arundel, W Sussex

  • High Street, Arundel, W Sussex

  • London Road, Arundel, W Sussex

  • Estate Roads

  • St Mary's, Bramber, Sussex

  • Casa Del Mar, Goring-by-sea, Sussex

  • Black Jack's Mill Restaurant, Harefield, Middx


  • De Flores [gunned down by the Cyber Leader]

  • Karl [killed by a Cyberman]

  • Lady Peinforte [killed when the Nemesis Statue explodes]

  • Mathematician [killed by Lady Peinforte]

  • Paramilitaries [killed by the Cybermen]

  • Cyber Leader [stabbed with a Golden Arrow]

  • Cybermen [killed by The Doctor to save Ace]

  • Cyberman [killed by The Doctor to save Ace]

  • Cybermen [killed when the Nemesis Statue explodes]

  • Policemen [killed by a gas released by the Nemesis Statue]

    • deaths unconfirmed

Production Days

  • 11 days between Wednesday 22 June - Tuesday 5 July 1988

Production Errors

  1. It is never explained why the Walkman attack The Doctor and Peri in part one. They can't have been sent by the Cybermen because the Cybermen don't recognise Sylvester McCoy's incarnation of The Doctor

  2. When attacked by the Nemesis Statue in episode one, one of the policemen clearly collapses at the wheel of the police car. Yet he is later seen outside the car with his legs under the vehicle

  3. Lady Peinforte and Richard's arrival in the cafe doesn't seem to startle or scare the two woman  at all

  4. Although being set in November, Courtney Pine's Jazz Quartet are clearly playing in during a bright summer's day. This is because the Silver Nemesis was recorded during June/July 1988. So there must be some serious global warming issues occurring in the Doctor Who universe.

  5. It is rather convenient that Lady Peinforte's arrows are made out of gold. The element lethal to Cybermen

  6. How exactly does De Flores conclude that gold is lethal to the Cybermen after witnessing one being struck down by an arrow and then examining one which lands next to him? Isn't it possible, from De Flores's eyes that the arrow hit and destroyed a vital body part - like a heart or something necessary for the Cybermen to survive? 

  7. The population of Earth in 1988 was 5,145,425,994, and Lady Peinforte just so happens to meet an ancestor of someone she knew and killed in the seventeenth century. Very convenient.  

  8. It is never explained how Lady Peinforte and Richard, tied up, gagged, and dragged the two Skinheads to a secluded location, when they were clearly 'attacked' in a busy street in a busy town

  9. Richard seems quite chill and relaxed after finding his grave in 1988. He seems equally relaxed when he is returned to 1638 with the knowledge that he only has 19 years left to live. 

Working Titles

  • Nemesis

  • The Harbinger


Another disappointing anniversary special which pits the Cybermen and Neo-Nazis together which could have worked since both sets of antagonists are essentially one in the same. A lot of running around, unfunny moments and poor writing, an unengaging plot, poorly rehearsed action sequences and battle sequences. The plot just stops and starts, the Doctor discovers the Earth is in mortal danger, and later on listens to some music with Ace. Why? A poor cast – Anton Diffring looks bored and Fiona Walker is way over the top. The Cybermen have reached their worse being nothing more than filler whose purpose is to be wiped out as quickly as possible. The worst resolution in the shows history so comical it actually makes one want to laugh. Very disappointing in every way and has no place to be recognised as an anniversary special. *

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