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22 November - 13 December 1980

Average Viewing Figure: 5.2M


On a medieval planet an ancient enemy of, The Time Lords is stirring and when he awakes he will be hungry for blood


Tom Baker (The Doctor), Lalla Ward (Romana), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric), Emrys Jones (Aukon), Rachel Davies (Camilla)

William Lindsay (Zargo), Clinton Greyn (Ivo), Rhoda Lewis (Marta), Thane Bettany (Tarak), Iain Rattray  (Habris)

Arthur Hewlett (Kalmar), Stacy Davies (Veros), Dean Allen (Karl), Stuart Fell (Roga), Stuart Blake (Zoldaz), John Leeson (Voice of K-9)

Uncredited Cast

Reg Woods, Fernand Monast, Barney Lawrence, Ian Sheridan, Richard Sheekey, Michael Bryden, Brian Moorhead (Guards)

Leon Lawrence, Tom Gandl, Laurie Goode, Jill Goldston, Alwyn Atkinson, Juliet Darnley, Angela Taylor, Dennis Hayward

Bob Marshall, Dennis Hewson, Michael Joseph, Joe Phillips, Monty Morris, Ernest Jennings, Douglas Jones, Ruby Buchanan

Marie Antony, Vera Lennox, Eileen Winterton, Jimmy Mac (Peasants in Village Centre) , Victor Croxford (Peasant in Woods)

Paul Barton, Martin Clark, Mark Middler, George Serghe, Timothy Oldroyd, John Sylvan (Rebels), Alan Chuntz (Guard)

Chris Lawson (Hand of the Great Vampire)


Terence Dicks (Writer), Stuart Fell (Fight Arranger), Paddy Kingsland (Incidental Music), Dick Mills (Special Sound)

Rosalind Wolfes (Production Assistant), Angela Smith (Production Unit Manager), Jane Wellesley (Director's Assistant)

Lynn Richards (Assistant Floor Manager), Fintan Sheehan (Film Cameraman), Bryan Showell (Film Recordist), John Lee (Film Editor)

Tony Harding (Visual Effects Designer), Dave Chapman (Video Effects), Carol Johnson (Vision Mixer)

Rod Waldron (Video-Tape Editor), Bert Postlethwaite (Studio Lighting), John Howell (Studio Sound), Errol Ryan (Technical Manager)

Alec Wheal (Senior Cameraman), Amy Roberts (Costume Designer), Norma Hill (Make-Up Artist)

Christopher H Bidmead (Script Editor), Sid Sutton (Graphic Designer), Christine Ruscoe (Designer), Barry Letts (Executive Producer)

John Nathan-Turner (Producer), Peter Moffatt (Director)

Uncredited Crew

Stuart Murdoch, Chris Lawson (Visual Effects Assistants), Lesley Smith, Charlotte Norman, Lesley Rouvrey, Sula Loizoo, Gail McAlec

Kim Vines, Cathy Burzac (Make-Up Assistants), Sheelagh Lawson (Design Assistant), Jane Judge (Production Secretary)

Gordon Phillipson (Grams Operator), Paul del Bravo (Vision Mixer), Al Huxley (Props Buyer), Allison Stewart (Floor Assistant)

Chick Hetherington (Show Working Supervisor)



Filming Locations

  • Burnham Beeches, Burnham, Bucks

  • Television Centre: Studio 3

  • Visual Effects Department

  • Television Centre: Studio 6


  • Aukon [ages to death]

  • Camilla [ages to death]

  • Zargo [ages to death]

  • Tarak [killed by Zargo]

  • Habris [killed by Ivo]

  • Karl [killed]

  • The Great Vampire [impladed by a scout ship]

Production Days

  • 11 Days between Wednesday 30 April - Wednesday 4 June 1980

Production Errors

  1. During part three, Tarak bursts into The Doctor's cell, and catches him across the nose with the door. This results in Tom Baker being stunned, and he misses his next cue because he was struck by the door

  2. Why is Kalmar so concerned to get back to Earth, when he and his people have never been there 

  3. The Doctor mentions that the Tower decor is rococo when actually its late Saxon/early Romanesque  ​​

Working Titles

  • The Vampire Mutations

  • The Wasting

  • The Witch Lords - (draft script)

Number of Production Days: 5


State of Decay incorporates mythology, elements of horror and a brief exploration into the evolution of language to create a truly basic, simple plot which is both quite clever and alluring. Once again the medieval aspects of the serial are top notch, the sets and costumes are outstanding and artistic direction is much to be desired. The supporting actors are generally on form – Emrys Jones, Rachel Davies and William Lindsay are outstanding. On another note the humour can be spot on at times and charm is always used to freshen things up a bit. It should be noted that Terrance Dick often writes simple straightforward narratives – Robot, The Brain of Morbius and Horror of Fang Rock who prefers to pit a series of characters against an enemy or two in the process. The good guys overthrow the bad guys but there is always flair of intelligence and creativity anytime Dicks writes for the show. The Rebels are your typically outsiders from the norm, the Guards are your typical guard characters as Aukon says ‘Then die. That is the purpose of guards’ its is almost as if he is summarising twenty years’ worth of Doctor Who guards. Dicks' use of language ‘the forbidden area’ ‘the three who rule’ show an integral representation which both honours classic folklore and Vampire fiction. *****​

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