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20 May - 24 June 1972

Average Viewing Figure: 7.4M


The Doctor must stop The Master from summoning Kronos by using an ancient relic from the lost city of Atlantis


Jon Pertwee (The Doctor), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Roger Delgado (The Master), Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart)

Richard Franklin (Captain Mike Yates), John Levene (Sergeant Benton), Wanda Moore (Dr Ruth Ingram), Ian Collier (Stuart Hyde)

John Wyse (Dr Percival), Neville Barber (Dr Cook), Barry Ashton (Proctor), George Cormack (Dalios), Ingrid Pitt (Galleia)

Donald Eccles (Krasis), Aidan Murphy (Hippias), Derek Murcott (Crito), Susan Penhaligon (Lakis), Ingrid Bower (Face of Kronos)

Marc Boyle (Kronos), Keith Dalton (Neophite), Terry Walsh (Window Cleaner), George Lee (Farmworker)

Simon Legree (UNIT Sergeant), Gregory Powell (Knight), Dave Carter (Roundhead Officer), Michael Walker (Miseus)

Dave Prowse (Minotaur), Melville Jones (Guard)

Uncredited Cast

Eric Kent, Anthony Hennessey, Richard Kirk, Paul Barton, Geoffrey Brighty, Nigel Winder (Roundheads), Darren Plant (Baby [Benton]

Virginia Mull (Serving Girl), Nick Hobbs, Reg Turner, Les Conrad, Jim Dowall, Kevin Moran, Bernard Barnsley, Bob Blain, Stuart Barry

Mike Stevens, Derek Allen, James Muir, Ian Elliott, Brian Gilmar (UNIT Troops), Bill Whitehead, Reg Lloyd, Wilfred Boyle

Edmund Bailey, Colin Cuningham, Peter Penny (Councillors), Yvonne Ashley, Alison Daimler, Susan Patrice (Serving Girls) 

Terry Walsh (Stunt Double for Minotaur), Val Musetti (Stunt Double for Hippias)


Robert Sloman (Writer), Ron Grainer (Title Music), Dudley Simpson (Music), Brian Hodgson (Special Sound), Barbara Lane (Costumes)

Joan Barrett (Make-Up), Michaeljohn Harris (Visual Effects Designer), Peter Hamilton (Film Cameraman), Derek Medus (Film Sound)

Martyn Day (Film Editor), Derek Hobday (Studio Lighting), Tony Millier (Studio Sound), Terrance Dicks (Script Editor), Tim Gleeson (Designer)

Barry Letts (Producer), Paul Bernard (Director)

Uncredited Crew

Denise Adoo, Jean Cook (Costume Assistants), Sue Upton (Director's Assistant), Betty Hodgson (Props Buyer), Bill Paget (Grips)

Ray Davies, John Phillips, John Rice, Lee Turner (Film Operatives), Alec Christison (Film Sound Assistant), Colin Munn (Film Camera Assistant)

Peter Pegrum, Charlie Lumm (Effects Assistants), Derek Hobday (Technical Manager), Ken Ledsham (Design Assistant)

Marion McDougall (Production Assistant), Ray Angel, Adrian Stocks (Music Sound Supervisors), Jacki Block, Jean Steward (Make-Up Assistants)

Rosemary Hester (Assistant Floor Manager)


Filming Locations

  • Ealing Film Studios: Stage 2

  • Swallowfield Park, Swallowfield, Berks

  • Stratfield Saye Park, Stratfield Saye, Hant

  • Mortimer Lane, Mortimer Bucks

  • School Lane, Heckfield Heath, Hant

  • Old Church Farm, Hartley Witney, Hant

  • Television Centre: Studio 3

  • Television Centre: Studio 4


  • Dr Percival [killed by Kronos]

  • Dalios [killed when Kronos destroys Atlantis]

  • Galleia [killed when Kronos destroys Atlantis]

  • Krasis [killed when Kronos destroys Atlantis]

  • Hippias [killed when Kronos destroys Atlantis]

  • Crito [killed when Kronos destroys Atlantis]

  • Lakis [killed when Kronos destroys Atlantis]

  • Neophite [killed when Kronos destroys Atlantis]

  • Miseus [killed when Kronos destroys Atlantis]

  • Minotaur [killed when Kronos destroys Atlantis]

  • Guard [killed when Kronos destroys Atlantis]

  • Atlantians ​[killed when Kronos destroys Atlantis]

Production Days

  • 12 Days between Wednesday 29 March - Wednesday 24 May 1972

Production Errors

  1. The Master speaks with an attempted and not so convincing Greek accent for a few minutes, but his accent quickly disappears (within the same scene)

  2. The Doctor and Benton talk about how the Crystal of Kronos is impossible to move, but the crystal evidently moves when Benton attempts to lift 

  3. Before the Tardis takes off the door isn't closed all the way, but when the Tardis lands the door is fully closed

  4. The Doctor's backward dialogue doesn't make any sense when backwards - its still nothing but gibberish 

  5. The Doctor makes it clear that The Master is attempting to bring Kronos 'back in time' during scenes set in the 1970s. However, the Atlantis scenes are set in 1500BC so Kronos is being brought forward in time 

Working Titles

  • [no known working titles]


The Time Monster is terribly plotted, written and acted which is a right shame because the story has a lot going for it. This is also a very lazy attempt to bring some comedy into the show where every ‘funny’ moment is not funny at all. Silly little dances, Bessie shooting off into the distance and everything in-between are not worthy for even the slightest chuckle or smile. There are some good production values but they are pushed into the background and what little we get to see is rather undermining and underused. The plot seems more focused on silly little set pieces – the Knight, the Roundheads, and the explosion at the end of part three and annoying sound effects than creating entertainment. The first few episodes are very bad which feels like a marathon rather than TV Drama. Atlantis itself looks nice and the last two-episodes slightly improve but that is not saying much. There is very little story which deserves six episodes and the destruction caused by Kronos is more akin to a pantomime rope malfunction. There is constant recycled footage and the whole production is nothing more than a first draft at best. *The Time Monster is terribly plotted, written and acted, which is a shame because the story has a lot of going for it. The mystery behind the destruction of Atlantis had continually been interwoven throughout the show’s history, and it seemed that some answers would finally be revealed; it’s such a shame that no-one seemed that bothered about creating an entertaining piece of television. This is a very lazy attempt to bring some comedy into the show where every ‘funny’ bit is not worthy of even the slightest chuckle, the first major failing to expand the show’s confines and horizons. Silly little dances, poor performances from the cast, and strange sound effects all accumulated to make the first four very bad episodes. The final two episodes, which shift the attention to Atlantis, descend into more awfulness, looking more like an amateurish Shakespeare production, with the final moments being more like a pantomime rope malfunction than a would-be world destroyer causing mayhem and havoc. The rest of plot (before the shift to Atlantis) seems more focused on silly little set pieces – the Knight, the Roundheads, and the explosion at the end of part three. The episodes are plagued with constant recycled footage, and the whole production  is nothing more than a first draft at best.*

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