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266) SMILE

22 April 2017

Viewing Figure: 5.98M


The Doctor and Bill land on a planet where you have to smile in order to keep living


Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Pearl Mackie (Bill), Matt Lucas (Nardole), Kiran L Dadlani (Kezzia), Mina Anwar (Goodthing)

Ralf Little (Steadfast), Kaizer Akhtar (Praiseworthy), Kalungi Ssbandeke (Nate), Kiran Shah (Emojibot 1), Craig Garner (Emojibot 2)


Frank Cottrell-Boyce (Writer), Peter Bennett (Producer), Lawrence Gough (Director), Dani Biernat (Stunt Coordinator)

Ailsa Berk (Choreographer), Fletcher Rodley (1st Assistant Director), James DeHaviland (2nd Assistant Director)

Christoper J Thomas (3rd Assistant Director), Rhun Llewellyn, Lauren Pate (Assistant Directors), Sean Evans, Kyle Davies (Unit Drivers)

Iwan Roberts (Location Manager), Nick Clark (Unit Manager), Medyr Llewellyn (Production Manager)

Sandra Cosfield (Production Coordinator), Nicola Chance (Assistant Production Coordinator)

Virginia Bonet, Jamie Shaw (Production Assistants), Justine Woolf (Assistant Accountant), Alison Harvey (Art Department Accountant)

Nicki Coles (Script Supervisor), Lindsay Alford (Script Executive), Nick Lambon (Script Editor), Emma Genders (Assistant Script Editor)

Mark McQuoid (Camera Operator), Jonathan Vidgen, Elhein DE Wet (Focus Pullers)

Gethin Williams, Drew Marsden, Dan Patounas (Camera Assistants), John Johnson (Grip), Sean Cronin (Assistant Grip) 

Tam Shoring, Christopher Goding (Sound Maintenance Engineers), Mark Hutchings (Gaffer)

Andy Gardiner (Best Boy), Gawain Nash, Gareth Sheldon, Bob Milton, Sion Davies (Electricians)

Henry Jaworksi (Supervising Art Director), Tim Overson (Art Director), Christina Tom (Standby Art Director)

Adrian Anscombe (Set Decorator), Sarah Frere (Production Buyer), Jen Saguaro, Jo Pearce (Prop Buyers)

Kartik Nagar, Julia Jones (Draughtspersons), Adam Pescott (Storyboard Artist), Paul Smith (Props Chargehand)

Matt Ireland, Jonathan Barclay (Standby Props), Scott Howe, Nigel Magni, Matt Watts (Prop Hands)

Jamie Southcott (Storeman), Darren Fereday (Concept Artist), Matt Clark (Graphic Artist), Jack Bowes (Graphic Assistant)

Paul Jones (Standby Carpenter), Shadow Rigging (Rigging), Colin Toms (Standby Rigger)

Callum Alexander, Austin Curtis (Practical Electricians), Gareth Fox (Props Driver), Terry Horle (Construction Manager)

Dean Tucker (Construction Chargehand), John Sinnott (Chargehand Carpenter), Tim Burke, Keith Richards, Matt Ferry

Campbell Frazer, Chris Daniels, Joe Painter, George Rees, Alan Jones, Dan Berrow, Mike Venables (Carpenters)

Jonathan Tylke (Construction Driver), Jason Tylke (Construction Labourer), Clive Clarke (Head Scenic Artist)

Steve Nelms, John Nelms, Paul Murray, Debby McShane (Painters), Zoe Howerska (Assistant Costume Designer)

Kat Wills (Costume Supervisor), Rebecca Cunningham, Leila Headon, Jenny Tindle (Costume Assistants)

James Spinks (Make-Up Supervisor), Megan Bowes, Lolly Goodship (Make-Up Artists), Glyn Evans (Unit Medic)

Ri McDaid-Wren (Casting Associate), Louis Constantine (Casting Assistant), Carol Griggs (Business Affairs Executive)

Becky Trotman, David Davies (Assistant Editors), Dan Rawlings (VFX Editor), Hannah Jones (Post Production Coordinator)

Mark Freda (Dubbing Mixer), Matthew Cox (ADR Editor), Darran Clements (Dialogue Editor)

Harry Barnes (Effects Editor), Simon Clement (Foley Editor), Meltem Baytok (Foley Artist), BBC Wales Graphics (Graphics)

Billy Hanshaw (Title Concept), Geraint Pari Huw, Mark Hardyman (Online Editors), Christine Kelly (Assistant Online Editor)

Gareth Spensley (Colourist), music conducted & orchestrated by Alistair King, music mixed by Jake Jackson

music recorded by Gerry O'Riordan, Jack Sugden (Music Score Assistant),​ Ron Grainer (Original Theme Music)

Andy Pryor CDG (Casting Director), Gordon Ronald (Head of Production), Tracie Simpson (Production Executive)

Samantha Price (Post Production Supervisor), Simon Wheeler (Production Accountant), Deian Llyr Humphreys (Sound Recordist)

Hayley Nebauer (Costume Designer), Barbara Southcott (Make-Up Designer), Murray Gold (Music)

Milk, BBC Wales VFX (Visual Effects), Real SFX (Special Effects), Millennium FX (Special Creature Effects & Prosthetics)

Will Oswald (Editor), Michael Pickwoad (Production Designer), Ashley Rowe (Director of Photography)

Steffan Morris (Line Producer), Steven Moffat, Brian Minchin (Executive Producers)  

Uncredited Crew

Nikki Wilson (Producer), Bill Anderson (Director), Sarah Davies (1st Assistant Director), James King, Anwar Fayrouz, Sade Akin

Rosie Brown (Assistant Directors), Jolyon Davey, Daz Mazhar, Tony McCormack, Darren Davies, Montile Jallie, Ashad Mohammed

Brian Simpkins, Kevin Tucker, Paul Watkins, Ashley (Unit Drivers), Nicky James (Location Manager), Beccy Jones (Unit Manager)

Adam Knopf (Production Manager), Lucy Noble (Script Supervisor), Matt Hillier (Focus Puller), Cai Thompson, Leighton Spence

Drew Marsden (Camera Assistants), Martyn Jones, Ben Moseley (Grip), Andy Gardiner (Gaffer), Gawain Nash (Best Boy)

Sara Angharad (Make-Up Artists), Tim Surrey (Sound Recordist), Martin Stephens, Damian Bromley (Director of Photography)


Filming Locations

  • Flemingston Court Farm, Flemingstone, nr St Athan

  • BBC Roath Lock Studios: Studio 4

  • Uskmouth Power Station, West Nash Road, Uskmouth

  • Gileston Farm, Gileston, nr St Athan

  • BBC Roath Lock Studios: Studio 3

  • Avda del Professor Lopez Pinero/Pont de Montolivet

  • BBC Roath Lock Studios


  • Kezzia [ripped apart by a swarm of Vardies]

  • Goodthing [killed by an Emojibot]​

Production Days

  • 16 Days between Friday 8 July - Thursday 15 September 2016

Production Errors

  1. Kezzia states that she is using Vardy to pollinate the field of wheat. However, the field used for filming does not include wheat, it contains barely

  2. The field of barley is actually ready for harvest, and does not require to be pollinated 

Working Titles

  • [no known working titles]


A good episode which incorporates a popular trend but never becomes to annoying or overused making it feel like a product placement. The story is fairly easy to follow which allows The Doctor and Bill to become a good pair of characters who really need one and other. The sets and robots are terrific and everything else is relatively well handled. The pacing is also fine but again the main plot point of the episode does not materialise for a while. The resolution feel rushed and is rushed but cannot divert from the overall good quality episode that this one is. ****​



Number of Production Days: 5

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