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5 - 26 October 1988

Average Viewing Figure: 5.4M


The Doctor discovers two Dalek factions are out for the hand of Omega and must make sure the wrong fraction doesn't find it


Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Simon Williams (Gilmore), Dursley McLinden (Mike), Pamela Salem (Rachel)

Karen Gledhill (Allison), George Sewell (Ratcliffe), Michael Sheard (Headmaster), Harry Fowler (Harry), Peter Halliday (Vicar)

Joseph Marcell (John), William Thomas (Martin), Terry Molloy (Davros/Emperor Dalek), Jasmine Breaks (The Girl)

Peter Hamilton Dyer (Embery), Derek Keller (Kaufman), Hugh Spight (Dalek/Black Dalek)

John Scott Martin, Tony Starr, Cy Town (Daleks), Roy Skelton, Royce Mills, Brian Miller (Dalek Voices)

John Leeson (Battle Computer Voice)

Uncredited Cast

Ray Martin (School Teacher), Tony Aspin (Matthews [Dead RAF Man]), Lisa Kent, Tina Sarsfield, Kelly Murray, Judy Collins, Ina Clare

Averil Dean, Alison McGuire, Wyn McLeod, Selina Gilbert, Pam Wardell (Female Onlookers (Junkyard)), Lee Towsey, Frankie Novak

Peter Whitaker, Judd Solo, Ronnie Aklen, Tom Gandl, Albert Walsh (Male Onlookers (Junkyard))

Peter Gates Fleming, Chris Andrews (Police Constables), Jack Talbot, Norman Warren, Richard Haddon, Bill Malin, Ross Murray

David Skinner, Ian Bodenham, Ian Johns, Lee Ryan, Charles Hunter, Derek Van Weenan, Stuart Smith, Michael Mello (RAF Men)

Tip Tipping (Exterminated Man), Tip Tipping (Colonel Heinlen), Richie Kennedy (Milkman), Kathleen Bidmead (Mrs Smith)

Neil Lyndon Johnson (Dead RAF Man), David Harrison, Norman Bacon, Nigel Wild (Daleks), John Evans (Undertaker), Gary Dean

Doug Starke, Colin Thomas, Colin Baldwin, Hugh Elton, David J Ross, Paul Barton (Pallbearers)

Robin Easther (Uncle), June Easther (Aunt)


Ben Aaronvitch (Writer), Tip Tipping (Stunt Arranger), Tracey Eddon (Stunt Woman), Ron Grainer (Theme Music)

Keff McCulloch (Theme Arrangement/Incidental Music), Dick Mills (Special Sound)

Ian Fraser, Michael McDermott (Production Managers), June Collins (Production Associate), Rosemary Parsons (Production Assistant)

Val McCrimmon, Lynn Grant (Assistant Floor Managers), Ian Dow (OB Lighting), Doug Whittaker, Les Mowbray (OB Sound)

Robin Sutherland, Barry Chaston (OB Cameramen), Stuart Brisdon (Visual Effects Designer), Dave Chapman (Video Effects)

Shirley Coward, Fred Law (Vision Mixers), William Dudman (Film Cameraman), Richard Wilson (Technical Co-ordinator)

Alec Wheal (Studio Camera Supervisor), Hugh Parson (Videotape Editor), Chris Ferriday (Properties Buyer)

Henry Barber (Studio Lighting), Scott Talbot (Studio Sound), Ken Trew (Costume Designer), Christine Greenwood (Make-up Designer)

Andrew Cartmel (Script Editor), Oliver Elmes (Graphic Designer), CAL Video (Computer Animation), Martin Collins (Designer)

John Nathan-Turner (Producer), Andrew Morgan (Director)


Filming Locations

  • 12 Theed Street, London

  • Windmill Walk, Southwark, London

  • Wootton Street, Southwark, London

  • London Museum of Water and Steam, Brentford, Middx

  • Willesden Lane Cemetery, Willesden Lane, London

  • Old Oak Common Lane, East Acton, London

  • Wulfstan Street, East Acton, London

  • TA Hall, Horn Lane, Acton, London

  • John Nodes Funeral Services, Ladbroke Grove, London

  • St John's School, Macbeth Street, Hammersmith, London

  • Macbeth Street, Hammersmith, London

  • Television Centre: Studio 8


Working Title

  • Nemesis of the Doctor

  • Mike Smith [killed by The Girl]

  • Ratcliffe [killed by The Girl]

  • Headmaster [killed by The Daleks]

  • Daleks [killed in many ways]

  • Matthews [exterminated by a Dalek]

  • Exterminated Man [exterminated by a Dalek]

  • RAF Soldiers [killed by Ratcliffe's men]

  • Ratcliffe's Men [exterminated by Daleks]

Production Days

  • 12 Days between Monday 4 April - Friday 29 April 1988

Production Errors

  1. One of the soldiers fails to stand to attention when Group Captain Gilmore orders for his men to do so

  2. During episode one, Rachel talks to Allison about the Dalek in the junkyard and refers to the Dalek as a 'Dalek'. However at that moment, Rachel does not know the Dalek is called, a Dalek

  3. The junkyard sign in episode one has a mistake on it. It says 'Forman' instead of Foreman

  4. Before being exterminated by the junkyard Dalek in episode one, the exterminated Soldier has his gun in his left hand one moment and then in his right hand the next 

  5. There is a moment in episode two which is set at 5:15 pm. If that is the case, and the story is set in November, then the surrounding area shot be dark and not bright as it is.

  6. Despite being set in 1963, numerous then modern-day houses can be seen in the background. This problem becomes particularly obvious during the struggle between Mike and the Headmaster in the cemetery

  7. After the Girl kills Mike, his body clearly comes to rest on the ruined staircase. When the camera cuts back to Mike's body, he has clearly moved as his head is at the beginning of the staircase

Working Titles


One of the all-time greats in the show’s history reinforcing that the final few years were not as bland as they would appear to be. Ben Aaronovitch produces an intelligently written script combining various popular aspects of the show from the past twenty-five years; Trotter’s Lane, UNIT and of course The Daleks who are back at their best. Much better action sequences, a newfound ability to fly and their classic chilling voices regenerating the characters in many new exciting and invigorating ways. There is some humour in the story, not often seen in your average Doctor Who script and some unexpected racial issues although, this could have been more subtle rather than Ace finding a sign on the widow. The UNIT characters are not that interesting leaving a really big, missed opportunity unsolved. Again the whole secret backstabber plotline is not well done. Filming advantages can be seen in the battle sequences, stunt work and CGI. The ending is rushed and is a little confusing as to what one just watched. You cannot deny that Remembrance of the Daleks is top notch. *****

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